Monday, August 16, 2010


My giggling at Karma using her wooden pillow...
...woke her up. Now is that a "humans can be sooo annoying" look?
I think maybe this is going to be the best place for her new pillow--on her favorite chair--hehe!
Yesterday was just an absolutely perfect day! Low 70s, sunny, and the wind wasn't exactly my direction so I had breeze on the porch but not a gale. I read off and on in my comfy chair on the porch till it was too dark to see.
Alternated my time with stamping the backs for the bookmarks.
Got about halfway finished with the stamping, so I am on schedule with getting them ready for Leah by Tuesday night. :) But I never even got started with catching up online yet.
The TV has been working beautifully--but it was just too nice out yesterday to not be out on the porch. Been so long since it was cooler and not sticky--ahhh! Perfect day! They're predicting another one just like it for today. Only 270 pages left to go on Pillars--hehe! (There's 973.) I have to say, I seldom go back and reread books. This has been a delight to be able to meander along enjoying each sentence. Especially since I raced thru it the first time, so gripped by the story and characters that I could hardly wait to find out what was going to happen and read until my eyes were crossing...BUT...
...guess what I just discovered this morning when I went to see if I could "save" the new miniseries on Netflix? Pillars is already available in their instant movies!! I may have to pick up the pace a little. I want to finish rereading the book before I watch the miniseries. Ian McShane just has to be the conniving Bishop Waleran--hehe! Anyways, I am so excited that I can watch the program after I finish the book--and on the wonderful new bigger TV!! Whoohoo!!
Ahhh! The small pleasures in life, eh?
Good Lord! It seems way to early to hear a loud gaggle of geese heading south!? Kind of startled me. Wonder why they're on the move this early? Maybe the extra cool nights the last couple nights have fooled them into thinking it is fall--hehe! Seems strange, tho. Is it that much cooler up north? Were a lot of them, too...hummm?
Well, the sun is coming up under the clouds and I am going to go try to snap a picture. Have a great day!! :):)
I'm sure you've all heard this one, but it still make me grin.
"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room."
Anita Roddick


Anonymous said...

Oh man when you said Pillars is already instant on Netflix I was like wooohoooo I cant wait to check that out because I sooo want to see it. I would love to be able to sit out on my deck and read all day Im so glad you got to do that because I just know it is such a good feeling. I loved the picture of Karma looking at you after waking her up cats are too funny lol I hope you have a good week!

Intense Guy said...

*giggles at Karma, the hardheaded cat*


I saw some birds flocking up this weekend too - I wonder if early birds really have specials?

Deanna said...

Karma and her wooden pillow is hilarious. It is cooler here too - finally! Before we know it, it will be too cool to sit outside and read. Ahhhh the changing seasons.

I love Pillars the book. I've never subscribed to Netflix but this might just entice me to do so.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather and the new and improved television!

Rita said...

Lynn--I know! I was so excited about the Pillars miniseries being available--immediately--tada! But I decided to catch up on comments first before I go read on the porch or do anything else today. Maybe I can even start to catch up on blogs this afternoon. You have a good week, too! :):)

Iggy--Do you remember that song, Hard-headed Woman? Now I have that going in my head. What is it with me and old songs lately--hehe!
I think maybe the early bird special is getting to pick out the best fishing or nesting spots. That is probably really special and worth the rush for our feathered friends--hehe! I wonder where that saying came from, anyways? ;)

Toriz said...

Maybe to work out the seasons they go by the old Celtic calender like I do? If they do, then they're heading off just right, since it is Autumn/Fall now. Also, if I'm not mistaken, doesn't early migration mean that a hard - and possibly early, depending on your view of when it is meant to start - Winter is coming?

You woke the poor sleeping kitty? How could you do such a cruel and inhumane thing! ;) LOL!

Rita said...

Deanna--Karma's wooden pillow is truly hilarious! I actually do smile when I see her using it. What a hoot! :)
I wonder if you get the instant movies with the free month trial thing? Humm...? Me, I'm a Netflix junkie--hehe! Being housebound is a good excuse, I guess. ;)

Tori--So the geese might be on time, eh? I always think of the geese coming thru in September/October. August is normally hot and humid up here and not chilly at night like it has been. You may be right--might mean a harsh winter ahead sooner than normal. I think I have heard that, too, come to think of it.
I know, I am so mean to Karma, eh? ROFL!! I think I'd like to come back as an abused cat like Karma in my next lifetime--hehe! ;)

Stephanie said...

Pillars? On Netflix? Ian McShane? OMG! Although when ever I see Ian McShane I see him has the shady antiques guy from the Brit show Lovejoy. Gotta love him!

AliceKay said...

It's funny seeing Karma using her new pillow. She seems to love it. That Iggy was super special to make it just for her.

It rained most of yesterday here. It let up late yesterday afternoon. Today was very hot and humid. There was a thunderstorm north of us this morning but we didn't get a drop here. I mowed lawn for an hour just before supper time today and thought I was gonna die when I stopped to get supper. :\

*thinks about that mosquito*

Rita said...

Stephanie--I fell in love with Ian McShane from the swearingest show on TV--Deadwood! And then saw him on that show on TV where he played the king--but it got cancelled. :( I will have to see if Netflix has Lovejoy. ;)

AliceKay--Karma and her pillow make me smile all the time. :) I hope some of this cooler weather makes it over your way. It is glorious!! :):)