Thursday, August 26, 2010


Karma paid no attention to me as I took her picture.
She was glued to all the activity outside.
Trucks and workmen and crane lifts...could just manage a shot pressing against the screen so that you can see they've started on the roof on the far end of the other building. The two buildings make a kind of "U" shape. I see the mail truck was delivering to the office, too--which is a separate building right in the center between the two buildings. The little playground is right in front of the office.
Looks like they completely stripped it down to the wood and are starting from scratch on the shingling.
The huge packages of shingles have been slowly disappearing.
Karma didn't notice the workmen the first day they were here. Yesterday she was glued to the chair by the window. Today, so far, she is apparently bored with them and has had no desire to watch them at all. True. She has probably seen anything and everything interesting they might do--hehe! But if they make their way over to this building...she will definitely have to pay attention to them. Me, too.
Another gorgeous day. Supposed to get a bit warmer and it is a little windier, but still--a delicious day! :)
Caroline comes this afternoon and I am going to ask her if she can vacuum the porch. There's a lot of Karma's dead grass out there. Could use a little spiffin' up--hehe!
And me--I am headed out there right now. I keep sleeping later in the day and I want to get some reading in before Caroline arrives...and before it heats up--hehe! Have a great rest of your day. Mine is just getting going. ;)
Was reading about the dispersed oil yesterday and how small critters think it is food. :(
"When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world."
John Muir


Intense Guy said...

If the little critters that think oil is food - don't suffer for having eaten it - I was thinking that was a good thing.

Oil is afterall, very old biological soup.

Unfortunately, I don't think this is going to turn out good - if only because its way too much of it and when its (finally) gone - it will be (hopefully) forever gone and the little critters will starve.

Anonymous said...

I love to picture of Karma staring out the window like a nosy lil neighbor LOL she is just too cute...

Im glad you are enjoying your weather and you get to sit out on your porch and enjoy some reading :o)

Hope you have a good weekend!

Toriz said...

Great quote!

Well, at least Karma had something fun to watch for a while.

AliceKay said...

I loved the quote for today.

I was just thinking....if you're on the third floor, when the roofing comes to your part of the building, you might have quite a bit of noise and some rattling going on. Karma probably won't be liking that very much. (i know i wouldn't)

Glad to hear the weather has been nice out your way. It turned out to be a nice, but cooler day here today. Temps in the upper 50s already out there tonight. They say we might get temps in the upper 40s tomorrow night. (i might need two blankets tomorrow night)

Have a good day tomorrow.

akartisan said...

In her face and build, Karma looks just like my cat, Cookie, except that Cookie is orange and white striped, which is supposed to be unusual for a female cat. I tell people she'
s built like the bulldog of cats because she's so muscular. LOL!

f8hasit said...

Ilike that quote! I've never heard it before. Fact is, I wrote it down and taped it on my wall (where I put all the things that I love) next to me in my office.

(love the photo of cute!!)

Rita said...

Iggy--That is what the debate is about--whether the dispersed oil is toxic to the food chain, where the regular oil was at least more natural and easier to clean up. The chemicals used to disperse the oil---hummm?? But now they say this oil eating bacteria or some such tiny creature is eating up the oil? So what will hapen to the billions of those bacteria when there's no more oil to eat? I don't think we'll know for a few years, honestly. Just a huge mess.

Lynn--Yes! Karma reminds me of my grandmother who was always snooping out the windows to see what the neighbors were up to--ROFL!!

Tori--I'm surprised Karma got bored with them so quickly. I think maybe they are too far over to see anymore. ;)

AliceKay--Yup! We're really going to hear them on third floor! Karma will hate it and I won't like it much either.
That cooler weather was sooo nice! Now it's back to hot up here and rain coming this weekend. Enjoy it while it lasts! ;)

Sue--hehe! Karma reminds me of a bear. I think it's the thick fur and she's so round! ;)

f8hasit--I liked that quote a lot, too. I think it's a great one for your love-wall. :):)