Friday, September 10, 2010


Update on the roof leakage and collection agency.
7:30 am water started leaking from the ceiling light fixture in the hallway. I put down an ice cream pail but it wasn't big enough.
The leaking was too wide. I tried a bucket--ended up using my roasting pan.
Really creepy to see water dripping off a light fixture!
Around 9:30am the other leak returned from the bathroom door frame.
Ended up needing both the bucket and the ice cream pail because it was worse this time.
And water ran down from the light switch on the wall in the bathroom. I called the office right away this morning. Not that there was a lot they could do. The maintenance man came this afternoon. He did take the glass dome off the ceiling light for me. (I asked--was completely filled with water, of course.) He told me that I could use the bathroom light if I only touched the plastic switch and not the metal screws. Something about there only being one wire down the wall in the bathroom, but two wires in the ceiling light?? Sorry. I don't plan on using the bathroom light, either. I have a night light in there on a different wall.
He said that the roofers haven't come back and finished on the roof on my end of the building yet. And that it should all dry out once they finish. He seemed exhausted and frustrated by this whole ordeal. He can hardly wait for them to be done, also. Poor guy. Everybody bugging him and he can't fix the roof issues. Not his fault. But he did say that if it is nice out--they will come back on Sat or Sun--whenever it quits raining, even if it is the weekend. Good!
Also--very early this morning I got a call from the collection agency. I kind of figured I might hear from them. This woman who called...well, she really was an aggressive bitch--pardon my French. They wanted to know all my bills and I decided to try to cooperate with them. So I'm telling her my bills and she informed me that I should immediately cancel my Internet, any cable TV, and I shouldn't have a cell phone. (I'm not sure how they knew I have a cell phone and had the number being as I am on Dagan and Leah's family plan and don't even pay the ten dollars a month myself?) I didn't even get to telling how much I spend on Karma each month or some of my other smaller bills--but she would have told me Karma was a luxury and I should get rid of her, too.
She jumped in and informed me that by her calculations (I wasn't even done listing monthly bills!) I had an extra $100 a month, so I needed to pay them $54.00 a month and had to pay them before the 28th of this month. I said I didn't have the money this month. Dripping with sarcasm, she told me I should borrow it from my son. (I had told her one of my bills is I pay Dagan and Leah back every month for what they pick up for me at Target.) She went on about how I was living with all these luxuries when I owed money for medical bills (the whole low-life thing)...that she didn't have Internet...what did I think people did before the Internet, cable TV, and cell phones...on and on.
I took down all the information--where to mail, etc.--and she was still ragging on me...still threatening that if they didn't have the money by the 28th that they would take further steps...
I hung up on her.
I guess I was being "uncooperative" like she kept telling me I was.
Logically, $54.00 is more reasonable--not the $130-150--whatever it was Merit Care was demanding before--that there's no way in hell I could possibly pay. (I kept trying to get her to go for $30.00.) It doesn't matter that I had been paying for over a year--she kept calling my account "delinquent for over a year"! She just got me so upset...because she was so nasty and sarcastic and condescending. I know that's her job, but how does she sleep at night? I only feel a little guilty for hanging up on her.
Anyways, after I calmed down, I remembered that I have the two checks sitting here for Merit Care that I had already deducted from my checking account--for August and September--for $25.00 each! So--even tho I am supposed to write the check out to this new place--I put the two checks to Merit Care and another for the $4.00 (that one written out to the collection agency--who I'm paying from now on, I guess) in an envelope. Let them sort it out.
I will try to pay them the $54.00 a month and they had better leave me the hell alone then. Negotiations are over. And I had best check with legal aid or somebody in case I can't always make the full payment. I don't think they have a legal leg to stand on and are just trying to scare me into paying more. I do owe the money and have always made payments, but I would have been more comfortable paying $30.00. At least they have taken a more realistic approach, anyways. The whole thing could have gone so much better if she hadn't been such a mean, nasty woman. Hard to believe she's from Minnesota--hehe! If she really is from Rochester where this company is located. Oh well--enough...
Let's just say it wasn't a very good morning.
But--since then--it has stopped raining--for now. Boy! If I have ever prayed for rain to stop, it was today! It is still totally gray and looks like more rain--so I'm still praying--and the roof is still dripping a little. That's it from Fargo. Sorry to be such a complainer this past week.
I am very aware that you all truly are a luxury in my life. :):)


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so mad now myself, I agree she did not need to be that way you should have asked for her boss and I have to say as long as you are paying them something then they cant do anything, people like that think that they can scare people, I wish I knew a lawyer because I sure would ask myself, and as far as I am concerned it is done of their business if you have a cell phone how dare her tell you that you need to get rid of it*takes a deep breath* :o)

Im so sorry about your leaks and I agree just use your nightlight in the bathroom gosh that is just so wrong having someone say just dont touch the metal screws? Please be careful.

Try and have a good weekend! HUGS cuz you sure deserve one girl :o)

Rebag said...

Hi sorry to hear you had such a bad day! Really frustrates me when i hear a bout things like that for people on fixed incomes.... as you stated I am not sure how they sleep at night! They should be glad that you are making a payment plain and simple! I know its the same way down here and I am soooo glad I do not work in collections or in billing!

Dang that leak looks awful... and all the rain we are getting sure is not in the favor of any of us...

Just take a deep breath and relax and just keep on keeping on.... you will get thru this...

Prayers and blessings sent your way


AliceKay said...

When I saw water dripping from your light fixture, it scared me more than when it leaked from your light switch. It is so dangerous! I'm glad it stopped raining, and I hope the weather clears out this weekend so the roofers can finish (hopefully) your side of the building.

Some people get paid big bucks to scare the crap out of people. That woman from the collection agency sounds like she does that part of her job very well. I'm sorry you had to listen to her go on and on. You do what you can, you've been making payments, and I think they should leave you alone. (i would have hung up on her, too) My goodness! And in case that woman doesn't know it, cell phones can be life savers.

I hope your weekend is better than the morning you had to endure today. I'll be thinking of you.

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Money is just money. Bills are just bills. And bitches are just...well...bitches. HAHA. Seriously though, she must be a miserable person! Hang in there, girl and keep on doing what you are doing. You've got plenty of caring and loving people around you to make up for someone who should just be called a miserable and unhappy bully. *Hugs*

akartisan said...

When my bedroom ceiling leaked, it leaked through my light fixture. I was worried about it also, but it never seemed to cause any problems. I had to refinance the house finally to have the roof replaced. It used to leak onto my bed and it was like chinese water torture waking up to a wet bed in the middle of the night.

Legal aid or the state's ombudsmans office might be able to help you. check and see if there is special legal help available for disadvantaged or handicapped people. It is also my understanding that as long as you are paying them anything, like the $30, they can't do anything except threaten you and you have the right to tell them to quit calling you and only contact you by mail, is what I have heard.

What she said to you is just a script they go through, so don't take it personally.

Hope this helps, I'm sure it was aggravating. As they used to say in my support group you have to change from being a "reactor" - being scared, to being an "actor" - taking action and getting help. They don't expect you to fight back, just be scared. Maybe knowing that will help you.

Serena Lewis said...

The roofing company should be liable for any damages but my concern is still the dangers of water leaking around electrical outlets...someone could get seriously hurt or worse. Please stay safe, Rita.

As far as the collection agency goes, I too, believe it's all pushy scare tactics because, as long as you have a record of paying something each month, they can't really do too much. You're on disability for goodness sake...they should be ashamed of themselves! What a nasty woman! How dare she rag on you like that and she had absolutely no right to ask you to borrow money from your right! I pray they back off...oh, and don't sign any new paperwork they may send you as it would be viewed as a contract.

Hey, if you need to vent or complain, you go right ahead....we are here for you. Try not to worry...xo

Rita said...

Thanks everybody! Your support means so much to me. :):)

Lynn--Her boss would probably be congratulating her! That's what they do. *sigh*

Reba--I can't believe that Merit Care turned me over to collections in the first place. They know I'm on disability and how much I get a month. Kind of surprised me.

AliceKay--The ceiling light scared me more, too! Dagan and Leah wanted me to have a cell phone so I could talk to friends and family and for back when I took the bus, in case I missed the last one--they knew I didn't always have an extra quarter on me--hehe!

Jennifer--Thanks so much! I shouldn't have let her get to me. ;)

Sue--I was worrying about waking up to a wet bed! I have a light fixture right over the foot of my bed, too--just feet away from the hallway one.
If they continue to call me--I have the information from my cousin as to how to legally get them to quit calling. I hope this was the end of it.

Serena--This woman also said--when I told her she couldn't legally take any money from me--did I say we'd take any MONEY from you. Like maybe they'd take things I own or something. But she seems to know they can't legally take money from my checking account when I'm on disability and it's my sole income.
Thanks, I don't vent too often. Glad you don't mind. You know if I am venting they really got to me--ROFL! ;)

Serena Lewis said...

I don't know how that woman can sleep at night, Rita....she should be riddled with guilt for how she treats people with disabilities. What...they expect you to have no pleasantries in life at all? Shame on them! I do believe your government should be doing more for the elderly and for people with disabilities. Our government pays for medical, dental, orthodontic and audiology (hearing aids) for the elderly and people on pensions such as disability.

Intense Guy said...


Karma is not a luxury. Her wooden pillow is...

I would get use to hanging up on people like this... I am pretty sure they can't "harrass" you that way legally...

Rita said...

Serena--I can't even imagine that! Would be so wonderful. How much less stressful for the seniors and was really hard with Dagan when he was young, too. Varies from state to state, but they do help mothers with children. The laws are pretty inflexible for you if your child is chronically ill, tho--like he was the first 12 years before he got his pacemaker and had the Fontan procedure (I was able to work after that). And it can be hard for Dagan to find jobs with a preexisting condition. He's really managed to buck the odds in a lot of ways. ;) You have to play the hand you're dealt, as they say, right? Thanks for all the support. I am finally going to get back to your email today, lady! ;)

Iggy--Karma is such a blessing to me. She's a necessary luxury--hehe! I couldn't believe my good fortune when I found out I could have a cat here. Just needed a doctor's form filled out--easy enough for me as I had recently been going to the free clinic to have somebody to talk to occasionally because of my drastically declining health (lost a really close friend because she didn't believe in fibro--and she's a nurse!) and having to drop out of college and losing my apartment with no where to go...was feeling overwhelmed. Handed my troubles over to GA--and in two weeks I had this roof over my head...and then came Karma--ROFL! And my life has been really good since.
Don't worry. I won't let that woman or anyone else from there get to me like she did. I am forewarned and won't be caught off guard next time. And not afraid to hang up! ;) Thanks! You're a dear friend, Iggs!!

Toriz said...

If she calls again, tell her you're paying what you can afford, can bearly afford that as it is, and then put the phone down.

She's just doing her best to get you to pay as much as possible.

As for you having internet and such. Why shouldn't you? True, people didn't used to. But then, people used to lock up disabled people, and stick all old people in homes, or hide them away in back rooms and such if they were suffering from age related medical issues. Saying you don't deserve any internet, etc, is like saying we should go back to the days of locking people in back rooms, or sticking them in institutions or whatever.

Like I said, if she calls back, don't fall for her tricks... Just put the phone down.

Rita said...

Tori--I know! Thanks! the thing she does to scare you is keep indicating that they will take additional action?? I don't think they can actually DO anything, but they like to keep you wondering if they can.