Monday, September 27, 2010


Received this hand-beaded bracelet in the mail on Saturday from Spruce/John who lives in Nain, Canada. What a surprise!! Nice long letter, too. :)
He is such a talented guy! Paints (Chinese Brush Painting), builds, and does beadwork. I'll say "Thanks, John!"--even tho he has gone offline and won't read it here, anymore. We write letters, now. :)
I finished up the Dr. Martin's gold ink--tada! Both the gold inks I had were really old, so it is about time to look around for something new. ;)
Karma had fun yesterday playing with her "bug in a jar" toy.
A fly and a Japanese beetle kept her busy for hours and hours. She mostly watches them, but occasionally pushes the jar gently around on the floor.
I feel so badly for those of you who are living with drought. We are so wet up here...
...that there is standing water...
...all across the field...
...everywhere you look...
...and we have almost pond-like puddles in the parking lot. (They brought more shingles?)
It was sunny yesterday. We could use days and days of sun to dry it out. Southern Minnesota has had flooding. Been a chilly damp fall so far. Glad to see the sun again today. Wonder where the roofers are?
I cut up the sheet into bookmarks. The flash really shone off the gold!
Here's without the flash. They really do shimmer when the light hits them, tho.
Been working on cutting the Christmas card parts and finally finished--tada!! Saved all the black and white paper scraps, of course, to make handmade paper with later on. ;)
So--all the parts are cut and ready for the next step...rubber stamping.
I ended up working on crafts while I watched Mad Men and never did pick up the World Without End book--hehe! Well, I have to get something accomplished while I feel good, right? ;)
I have a package to pick up at the post office today, doing laundry, and writing letters. Beautiful day! Warmed up to around 70 degrees yesterday and looks like we are having more of the same today. Perfect weather! Was too early to be in the 50's. This is more like it. :)
Time to go switch loads of clothes. Hope we all have a stupendous week! :):)
OH--I had to chuckle when I read this quote... ;)
"Oh, love isn't there to make us happy. I believe it exists to show us how much we can endure."
Hermann Hesse


AliceKay said...

John does very nice bead work. When my son was in high school, he made beaded lizards for every member of his swimming and diving team. Not sure why he chose a lizard (the school's mascot is a knight) but the kids all had them for good luck. (i bought a lot of beads for a couple of years...LOL)

Were the fly and japanese beetle getting along while riding in Karma's toy? LOL

Yes, it sure looks wet out your way. We're finally getting some rain today. I can almost hear the ground say "ahhhh". Very nice blue sky picture. :)

You're moving right along on your card making process. Great work.

Loved that quote. LOL

Anonymous said...

Karma is so cute with her bug jar, and are those real bugs in the jar???

I love Mad Men, that show is just so good it so funny how they just sit around smoking all the time, alot of people sure smoked back then Im sure :o)

We are getting plenty of rain here and now they are saying we might get more later in the week. Im happy to see it!

Those bookmarks are just beautiful, you have been right crafty lady and it shows :o)

I sure hope we have a good week also!

Barbara said...

I love the green bookmarks, very pretty. I haven't been reading blogs lately... I will have to go back through your blog and see the start of this process.

Intense Guy said...

I agree with Alice Kay - those beads looks really nice!

I had a good giggle looking at Karma play with her bugs in a jar. You want some stink bugs? I got some flying around the house near the back door - Ugh, they are appropriately named! I'll catch 'em live for Karma and mail 'em to her. I don't know how lively they'll be when they get there...

Nice to see you have some blue skies and get so much crafting done!


Rita said...

AliceKay--I think I've seen those beaded lizards! Nice of your son to make them for his teammates. The fly and Japanese beetle got along--ignored each other. ;)

Lynn--Yes those are real bugs! Rather than hit them with the flyswatter, I stick them in a jar for her once in a while. Cruel?
Yes--everybody smoked back then! I remember almost all the old black and white movies had people smoking, too. And they drank while they were pregnant, too. Dangerous times, eh?

Barbara--Thanks! I've been making bookmarks off and on for the past couple months, I think. Quite a while. Nice to see you!! :)

Iggy--John's wife is a native and they both do beadwork. He paints on birch bark, too. I met him in an online CBP (Chinese brush painting) group--which he has done for over 30 years. I think I'd really feel so isolated if I dropped the Internet!
No stink bugs!!! No thank you!!! No! No! No! ROFLMAO!!! :):):)

Toriz said...

There's been a lot of the wet stuff here too.

Glad you're making great progress with the cards and bookmarks. :)

Rita said...

Tori--There's been some awful flooding in southern Minnesota. We're really ready for a dry spell.

I am happy when I am feeling well enough to get some crafting done! Get while the getting is good, eh? ;)

Serena Lewis said...

The beaded bracelet is gorgeous! John is very talented indeed!

Rita said...

Serena--What a sweet surprise from a generous guy! Yup--and talented. :)