Friday, December 31, 2010


First we had freezing rain...

...and then the blizzard moved in.

Dagan and Leah were both let off work early. Leah already knew hers is cancelled for Friday, too. Dagan's likely will be, also. The wind howls and pounds against the building and it is one degree out there. Supposed to keep snowing through Saturday. Super white New Year's up here!
I have to tell you that something unbelievable has been happening since I started writing about all of this. Been about eight years since I have been able to "write-write" for hours, as many of you know. These "parts" have been close to that and have taken me several hours each to write. Except when I couldn't sleep for those two days--well, I am still functional!!!??? And I am still doing other things as well!!??
I have been afraid to say anything for fear it would suddenly stop and I'd be crippled up with that knife pain for a week. But I only have one more writing session to do after I wake up in the morning...and I am still doing okay!? Sore, but able to function.
Now, I realize that you guys don't see me or know how truly limited my life normally is. You don't see how I suffer when I overdo any physical activity...even Dagan and Leah only see it here and there because I usually only see them when I have time to rest up. But this is absolutely miraculous to me. :):)
I don't know if it is because I am writing about all of this for hours and it lifts my soul, or I am getting some kind of assistance because GA wanted me to write about all this and be done by New Year's Eve? (I had truly expected to only be physically capable of very abbreviated posts.) I am not sure what is going on, to be perfectly honest. It's not like I am suddenly cured or anything, but these last few days I have felt like I did back at college 8-9 years ago when I could still manage to finish my classes. :):)
I hope I haven't jinxed anything by talking about it. Maybe it will end on New Years? No clue. But it has made me very, very happy and grateful.
I have even had the energy and no knife I punched all the holes in the out the embroidery threads...
...and picked out colors to match the various covers.
Tonight I sewed the 35 bookcards together while I watched The United States of Tara's latest season.
Plus I have been puttering with making ten thank you cards and am more than half way done with those!!
I've washed clothes, made up my weekly check-off sheets for the next three months, wrote up my goal list for 2011, wrote a letter, balanced the checkbook, paid bills to mail on the 3rd, kept up pretty much with emails and blogs, took videos, and been organizing a few small spots. Un-be-liev-a-ble!! (Knock on wood!!)
If it all goes away over New Year's, I am soooo thankful for these days--I can't even tell you.
For now--I am off to bed. Hopeful for another tolerably decent day ahead.
Happy, happy, happy new year!!! :):):)


Anonymous said...

You have been busy and I am so overjoyed to hear how wonderful you are feeling and I sure hope it last for you always! Stay warm with all that snow and ice going on up there, I will be thinking about you. Happy New Year, hugs!

Rita said...

Lynn--I would be thrilled for it to last! Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you, too!! :):)

akartisan said...

even more aggravating than scraping your windshield is having your doors freeze shut. I have to get a screwdriver and wedge it in so I can pop the door open. Then, if I can get in, I start the car and let it run for awhile and thaw the windows that way.

I'm glad you've been doing so well. I can't believe you got 35 of the little books done in one evening. I've been allowing myself to feel sadness for my job of 6 years ending, now I have to go on and start a new section of my life.

AliceKay said...

It looks so cold up there. I got cold chills just watching that woman trying to scrape some ice off of her car window. (brrrrrrr)

I'm glad you're feeling so much better and have been able to write and work and do the things you wouldn't normally do all at once. I hope it continues. (now to go check out your other posts)

Rita said...

Sue--YES!! I hate when your doors freeze shut--and the door locks!! Ahhh--winter.

No, I didn't do them all in one night--took two different days and I spent a long time pre-cutting the covers and inside signatures ahead of time a while back. I just Picked out the embroidery thread and did the sewing while I watched TV on all of them. :)

Sorry to hear about your job. :( I hope you have or get a new job right away. I hope things go well for you this coming year and you like the new direction your path will take.

AliceKay--I have been just amazed! I have been feeling more like I did back when I was forced to switch colleges so I could go part-time as my health was failing. Funny--how bad I thought I felt back then--feels damn good right now--ROFL!! Everything is relative, isn't it? ;)

Intense Guy said...

Those tree cards looks most intriguing!!!

I'm glad you are feeling so "strong" - and do not have to venture out into the figid artic...

*crosses fingers that you don't hurt later*

Rita said...

Iggy--Thanks! I hurt and am stiff, but no knife pains and can still function! Just amazing! I'm glad I don't have to venture out till Thursday. -9 this morning (Mon).

Toriz said...

I'm glad you were able to get stuff done without all the pain you usually suffer! :)

I'll read the things you've been writing when I can give them the proper time and attention. I'm following your story blog, and I see you put them on there too, so I will be able to find them easily. Like I said, I want to give them the attention they deserve, and between trying to catch up on everything and still not feeling 100%, I don't feel I can do that right now.

Rita said...

Tori--Yes, you can find them easily on the story blog. There's certainly no rush to read them. Get well, Lady! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

I'm so happy to hear you've been having such great days have achieved quite a lot! I do believe energy work or writing about it is drawing in more energy for you. As you know, I suffer pain pretty much on a daily basis with my back, hands and feet but, since I got back into my meditating this past week, I feel full of energy and able to cope better.

Rita said...

Serena--That's great that since you've gotten back to meditation that you've been feeling better, too. Awesome! :)