Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Been away a while. My sister's birthday was on the 11th. Vicky did have undiagnosed diabetes--which, apparently, may not have anything to do with the cancer. That was stabilized, she came home from Mayo a couple days ago, and has started chemotherapy. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. :)
The roofers have been back a couple of times. Here today, as a matter of fact, till it started snowing harder again. Right now I don't hear them anymore. They still don't have all the siding back up on these roof chimneys and such.
We've had a couple of days where the sun was out...
...and the blue skies shone thru the white clouds--but we've had a lot of cloudy, gray days with light snow. Nothing like what hit down south of us!! Minneapolis--did you hear the Metrodome's roof collapsed under the weight of the snow? Over 17 inches, I guess.
Love bunny tracks in the snow!
The big snowstorm missed us up here. Sounds like it was a doozy, tho!
I never really explained why I made myself up a weekly Mind-Body-Spirit checklist. It came to me that, since I have such a hard time with consistency (especially with all the health issues and sleeping round the clock and such), that if I made myself up a list of many things to choose from that I could maybe manage to check something off every day. This way I wouldn't feel as defeated, I guess. That I am not stagnant--even on bad days, you know? I can at least manage to listen to a beautiful tape and meditate, right? :)
So I made up a long list of things--from climbing the three flights of stairs to meditation to reading my spiritual/new age type books to journaling and even to giving myself a foot massage--ROFL! Having a whole bunch of choices each day has made it easier to check at least one thing off every day--usually more. Probably sounds silly, but it works for me. Helps make me feel like I am moving forward every day. Or should I say gives me the illusion--ROFL! Anyways--that's the story on the mind-body-soul list. :)
The round cat bed that Karma got from Sammy and Annie that she refused to have any part of and has been used as her "toy box"...well, for the heck of it I threw all her toys all over the living room floor (which Karma found unsettling and exciting) which left the round cat bed empty...
...and, therefore, immediately interesting--ROFL!!
Karma has spent the past several days snoozing either in this round catbed or in her stroller.
But---the stroller is back in the bedroom because--tada!--the cat box is now together...
...and in its proper place in the hallway.
Dagan and Leah came over last night with the plastic tub to make the litter box out of.
We wondered if the tub would be too long for her to manage to get in and out of both holes--that they'd be too close together for a cat Karma's size to manipulate? But doesn't it look nice?
Leah cut down around the hinge and then made a nice big hole at the one end near the cat door. But we had to keep it high enough that Karma won't be kicking out the kitty litter, you know? So I wanted to try leaving it about 6 inches high or so by the hole in the tub.
Dagan hauled the old toybox cat box out to the dumpster on my little green cart. Adios!
I forgot to even get a picture of Dagan before he left. Leah sealed all her Christmas cards with the glue gun style of sealing. I am going to do the rest of mine that way, too, I think, and not use the old flame and stick method.
I did remember to snap a picture of Leah later on while she was working on making tags for Christmas presents.
I was waiting--had the camera nearby--to try to catch Miss Karma the first time she checked out her new cat box, right? Of course, I knew that would be after Dagan and Leah left because Miss Wallflower was hiding under the bed until the coast was clear.
I hugged and said goodbye to Dagan. We talked at the door a couple minutes (have to try to squeeze in a Minnesota goodbye, of course) and off he went. Well, Miss Antisocial thought they had both left and came out from under the bed--immediately checking out the cat box, of course. I grabbed the camera and this is what happened...

So funny! It took a second for it to register that the voice from the living room wasn't the TV--it was Leah! ROFL! And that was the last I saw of her until Leah went home for the night--hehe!
She wouldn't go in the catbox--at all. So, just to make sure, I did as Leah suggested. I lifted her up and stuck her inside and closed the top--to see if she could get out. She could. And then I knew she knew there was a litter box in there.
You know how cats can be. They don't like anyone watching them. Even if Karma announces her departure from the box to me most of the time--she sneaks in. With a quick peek this morning, I was assured that she had managed to figure out how to get in and out of this one. ROFL!! All's well in Karmaville. :):)
Today I am washing clothes, going to get the last of my Christmas cards sealed, watch the last DVD of season two of In Treatment, and check something off my MBS list. ;)
"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet."
James Oppenheim


Furry Bottoms said...

its good to hear from you again!

I feel like I am missing something... I know you've been housebound and I know you've had assistance from some friends for some things, but I cannot figure out why. So I am going to go explore your profile to see whats going on there.

Serena Lewis said...

I hope your sister had a nice birthday, Rita.

Prayers continue for Vicky and I hope the chemo treatment isn't too harsh on her body.

Not silly at all - I think a list is a great reminder and I may have to do something like that myself.

Chuckling at Karma suddenly finding the round bed of interest after snobbing it initially. Cute video...good that she used it overnight as it's peace of mind for you.

Have a lovely day/evening!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you didnt get that bad snowstorm either and your right it sure did sound like it was a doozy, I wouldnt know how to act with all that snow but I sure know I would be inside snuggled up LOL Im glad all is well in karmaville and she uses her new litter box :o) I got a card from Iggy today that you made and I have to say it is just so pretty I love it!!

Rebag said...

Hi Rita!!

So sorry to hear about your sister but please know prayers being sent for her as well as the entire families involved!

I have to say that cat box you have is totally awesome! I want that LOL. I also want a small one for my dog too! hmmmmm wonder if that would work LOL

Sounds like it s gonna be a cold one and more snow moving in...

Stay warm and stay safe!

Hugs from MN

Toriz said...

OMG! Those roofers are worse than our council guys for taking ages doing next to nothing!

Karma is so funny! Most of our cats never minded people being around when they had to use the box. Megan especially had no issues with it and... Sorry to anyone eating right now... Megan's favourite time to make full use of the litter box was during dinner time. No matter what time dinner was ready, we'd just sit down when Megan would head for the box, and while we're sat there trying to eat you can tell exactly what she was up to in there. *Pulls a face* We tried changing dinner time... It was like us sitting down at the table with our plates was her cue to go, because no matter what time dinner was Megan had to use the box during dinner time. :(

I think the list thing is a great idea. That way even if you only achieve one thing, at least you can feel you achieved something each day.

Rita said...

Nikki--Oh it's a long list of health issues, including fibromyalgia. The people who help me out are my son and DIL, Dagan and Leah. I have a cleaning girl from the county, Caroline, who comes every two weeks. :)

Serena--I hope Renee had a good birthday, too. I haven't seen her for several years as she lives down in Minneapolis (as do my brother and aunt) and we don't communicate very often.
Thanks--for Vicky. :)
I would have had to have Leah back here quick with her jigsaw to lower that inside hole--hehe!

Lynn--Such mundane things are big happenings over here, eh? ROFL! Thanks about the card! :)

Reba--Vicky is my DIL Leah's mother. My sister's name is Renee. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't make that very clear. The prayers will know where to go, tho. Thanks. :)
I love the new cat box! The top stays up and doesn't fall on me when I am being the scooping toilet slave to Miss Karma. ROFL!! You stay warm, too! :)

Tori--This roofing company is the slowest group I have ever seen!! Makes me wonder what will happen in the spring when the snow melts.
I've had cats that weren't shy at all, too. (I suppose maybe Karma is shy because she's always had a hidden litter box.) But to have one who thinks dinner time is poopin' time--ROFL!! That is sooo funny! You really gave me a giggle!!
I like the new list for that reason. :):)

AliceKay said...

Continued prayers for Leah's mother. I hope the chemo will help.

I'm glad that storm didn't dump that snow on you this time. I saw the video of the dome collapse on TV several times. (how many times has that collapsed before? too many times from what i've read)

I had to laugh when I saw Karma sleeping away in the cat bed. I bet it feels nice and comfy for her now. The new cat box looks great there. I'm glad Karma finally used it. Poor kitty if she was still "holding it". :\

Thank you for your Christmas card. It arrived yesterday. :)*hugs*

Rita said...

AliceKay--Thanks! Us, too. :)
I don't know how many times it has collapsed. Sounded funny to a lot of people up here when they talked about a blow up dome--hehe!
You're welcome! I hope you all can have a Merry Christmas with Ryan this year. Sorry his great-grandma won't be here this year. :( But that little guy will make it a special time, I'm sure. :)

Intense Guy said...

Does Karma slather herself with vegetable shortening, spray on Pam or use WD-40 in order to fit into that bed? She looks like a cat in a bundt cake pan.

I hope Vicky is doing okay - she must feel somewhat better having the diabetes under control?

I think come Spring, they might even find some roofers they lost... slowly thawing from the gables and eaves.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

What a cool catbox!

Cats are such unique animals. They really seem to have a level of intelligence that I don't think we're meant to understand.

Love the pictures of the snow. It's as close as I'm going to ever get to seeing any!! My Honeybunny is from Thompson and he was saying how cold it was here this morning - more specifically he said, I don't know how I made it growing up in ND - I can barely stand the cold here - it was 43 degrees ;-)

Serena Lewis said...

I hope you're doing okay, dear friend. xo

Love and hugs,

Rita said...

Iggy--LOL! In all fairness to my large cat--she climbs in and then pushes herself against the sides. You know how she likes her head pushed up against something--seems in this bed with walls she pushes everywhere--hehe!
ROFL! Maybe I will have rooofers draped from the gables like AliceKay has cable guys buried in the yard!! :):)

Donna--Thanks! I like it as much or more than Karma does--hehe! I think she's gotten used to the shift by now, tho. ;)
My folks (and myself) lived in Minnesota until they retired to Florida. Now they get cold and complain when it's 50 degrees outside! His blood must have thinned out, as they say up here. ;)

Serena--I'm doing okay. Sleeping my way around the clock again--had a couple of pain pill days, but doing okay. Thanks for asking. Don't worry, my friend. :):)

Parsley said...

What a great way to spruce up the old 'cat box'! Some kitties are just funny about their bathroom area but I'll bet she is smart and will warm up to it in no time.

Seeing her in her bed with her toys on the floor just makes me smile. Kinda like my dogs...

Merry Christmas to you and Karma!

Intense Guy said...

Just popping in to see how you, Karma and yours were doing.

Rita said...

Parsley--Karma's adjusted to her new "digs"--ROFL!! She's been loving the round cat bed now. Wouldn't have anything to do with it before. But--tell a cat no--fill it with cat toys...hehe! Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the fur babies, too!

Iggy--Just posted a blog finally today (Mon). I'm doing okay. Will be filling in later--in segments. All's well. :)