Thursday, December 09, 2010


I wheeled Karma's stroller out into the living room to make room for the new catbox in the bedroom and she's been using it as her snooze spot ever since.
The package arrived from Serena yesterday!!
All the way from Australia!
Can you tell I ripped into it with delight?
The daisy picture is simply gorgeous! I hung it up straightaway!
I think it is even more beautiful in person. There is such a joy of life itself in this painting. I really can't get over that you painted this just for me, Serena. Truly a gift from the heart.
To top it off she also sent me a Christmas card...
...a beautiful personal note (love koalas!)...
...a kangaroo magnet...
...this cute little tray with the mama and baby koala bears...
...a poinsettia bookmark...
...and this pretty angel pin!
With all the focus on angels and miracles lately--this majestic painting--all the gifts--the touching notes--when I saw the tiny angel and read this on the box--tears snuck down my cheeks. Happy tears. :):)
*she pulls herself together*
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Serena. :):)
Well, I finally got ahold of a real person at Barnes & Noble's 800 number late yesterday afternoon. The woman was genuinely shocked--so this kind of mistake must be rare. She must have told me half a dozen times how grateful and thankful they were that I was returning the books, so that was nice. :) The sealing wax sticks I had ordered had actually been in stock--not backordered--so she was sending them along to me. I got her laughing about the possibility of someone mistaking a pair of little wax sticks for a pair of medical textbooks!
Anyways, they do want it shipped back to the warehouse. So they are sending me a shipping label and I will bring it over to the post office. She didn't ask for it (seemed to be quite taken aback by this whole error of $446.00) but I copied my packing slip and wrote what had happened on it and put that inside the box. Going to take a few days to get the label, but I am really glad I didn't bring it over to the local store. The lady said it really needed to be shipped back to the warehouse--especially with a mistake of this magnitude. I hope nobody gets fired over this if it was a one-time error. But if they are somebody who continually makes mistakes...then--sorry--they should be fired. Maybe they are already long gone--hehe!
I shall leave you today with another look at the daisy painting.
This is how I see it from my favorite chair. Ahhh!
I am amazed at the wonderful people I have met online. And I am privileged to know some wonderful people offline. I count my blessing every day. :)
I hope each and every reader who happens upon these words floating about in cyberspace has at least one person that they can count as friend. A friend can sometimes be the only warmth when the world feels cold or the ray of blinding light on a dark day. Please let people know how much they mean to you. :):)
"A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Furry Bottoms said...

That painting REALLY is remarkable. So beautiful and full of life. I can see why you love it!

Deanna said...

What a beautiful painting and wonderful gifts. I, too, am amazed at the wonderful people I have met online - you being one of them.

I'm glad you finally got B & N sorted out.

Have a wonderful day.


AliceKay said...

Wow, what a beautiful painting. It looks perfect on that wall. Serena sent you some awesome gifts. I love seeing pics of koalas, and that little tray is adorable. :)

I'm glad you finally got to talk to someone about the Barnes and Noble mixup. I had a mixup at CVS the other day. Makes you wonder what they do when people are dishonest and don't say a word to correct mistakes.

I've found some wonderful friends online...friends I would never have met otherwise.

Rita said...

Nicki--It really is just so filled with light and hope and joy to me. I just love it! :)

Deanna--Oh thank you! I consider you one of my new online friends, too. :):)
Yes, I am so glad I can take care of these textbooks soon and send them on their way. (Took a lot of waiting on hold--hehe!) I was going to say you have a wonderful day, too--but it is getting so late--I'll say have a wonderful day tomorrow! LOL! :):)

Intense Guy said...

That painting is as breathtaking as the gesture of friendship that brought it into your world.

Serena is quite talented... even on-line in photo form - that painting is awesome.

Toriz said...

What a beautiful selection of gifts! It just goes to show that there are some wonderful people in the world!

I'm glad you finally got hold of a real person and were able to set things in motion for sorting out the mix up.

Love that quote!

Rita said...

AliceKay--Serena is a talented artist and a generous human being! :):) Yes--B&N was a relief. Now I just have to wait for my seal sticks and the packing label--and hope they come! ;) Yes--how would we ever have met these various people we've met online from around the world? Amazing!! :)

Iggy--I admire Serena for many, many reasons. I can hardly believe this beautiful painting is hanging on my wall that came to me from her hand and heart. :):)

Tori--I really do believe that you find what you are looking for. The old "seek and ye shall find" thing. We have looked for good souls--and have found them. :):)

akartisan said...

That is a lovely painting and it looks good on your wall. The Christmas card is great also. It's always nice to receive gifts in the mail, especially when they are not totally expected.

I got a $110 Winsor & Newton size 10 Series 7 brush once by mistake from Cheap Joes. I was really tempted to keep it, but I called them up and told them about it because I try my hardest to be an honest person. I thought at first they were sending me a thank you gift for being such a great customer, but no such luck! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow that painting is so beautiful, what a wonderful place to hang it so that you can look at it often :o)

Barbara said...

The painting is wonderful. It is so alive and brings a little spring inside during the winter.

Serena Lewis said...

Awwwww I'm blushing...thanks so much for the sweet comments, everyone. Rita, I'm so glad the package arrived safely and that you liked all the contents. The painting looks great hanging up behind your desk!

Queenie Jeannie said...

What amazing gifts!! That painting is simply amazing!! Daisies are my all-time favorite so I'm a wee bit jealous too, lol! Enjoy!!!!

Rita said...

Sue--Wow! That was a huge mistake for Cheap Joe's, too. They should have set you a thank you gift after you gave it back to them--hehe! ;)

Lynn--Thanks! I love seeing it all the time.

Barb--Really need a little spring inside wth the winter we're having! ;)

Serena!!! Thanks sooo very much!!! Everyone can see what a talented artist you are--easy to compliment. Everything arrived safely and I am still bowled over. Your life is so exciting right now, brand new grandma!! Can hardly wait to see more pictures!! :):)

Rita said...

Jeannie--Thanks! I can see why they are your favorite--daisies are so uplifting and cheery. :)