Sunday, December 26, 2010


Was a quiet, peaceful Christmas for me and Miss Karma.
She's still lovin' the round fur-lined catbed.
Karma had a very special Christmas present all the way from Wales!
From Tori's dog, Kero, and guinea pig, Gwydion (or Mr. Weakers).
I had to chuckle at the cat-head shaped container.
Karma LOVES these treats!! She went nuts! I will have to see if I can find these up here. Thank you super-duper much from Karma!!
My days and nights have been flipped again. This is what it looked like Christmas Eve morning. People were out brushing snow off their cars.
We had a bit of freezing rain along the way... there was some windshield scraping, too.
Working on the parts is taking up most of my good hours every day. I've had a little good time left over, tho, so I have been slowly working step-by-step on making up a whole bunch of bookcards so that I am stockpiled for a while. I picked out pre-cut covers from this flowered box I have them stored in.
Then I picked out a signature (set of pre-cut folded sheets) for each cover.
Here they are with the covers properly folded and the signature tucked inside.
Big batch this time!
36 of them ready to sew together.
The next step is to poke the holes for the thread using my cardboard cradle.
I use this template I made from heavy cardstock. Well, I made it this far, anyways.
I've gotten quite a few nice cards, but I wanted to show you the hand-painted one I got from Donn in Florida who's in the Chinese Brush Painting Yahoo Group! Wow! It's not often you get a hand-painted card!! Thanks so much, Donn! I love cardinals. Rarely see them up here.
My friend, Ruby, included this cartoon in her card. She knew it would absolutely crack me up. I hope you can see it. You can click to enlarge it. Ahh! Cats. Gotta love'em.
I sewed one bookcard together because I needed one, but wasn't up to the assembly-line hole punching yet. Maybe after I have slept again...which should be fairly soon.
Was the strangest sky on Christmas morning.
A little more snow, too.
But what a strange sun in the sky trying to peek through the clouds. Odd colored, almost greenish clouds. Pretty in a haunting kind of way.
Just wanted to pop in so I wouldn't get too far behind with pictures and my normal life. ;)
I watched the end of the last season of Northern Exposure over the holidays. The final year wasn't as good as the other five seasons, but it was still okay, I guess. Such great characters!
Today I have Eat, Pray, Love to watch. And I've been so busy writing I haven't seen my Christmas favs yet. I played shows that had choirs and music while I wrote--even the best of Andy Williams Christmas specials! In fact, I think maybe it's time for It's A Wonderful Life. (I watch Christmas stuff till New Years--hehe!)
I hope everybody had a really great Christmas. From what I've seen on the blogs, it looks like you all did. Next--New Year's!! :):)
"Every act of love is a work of peace no matter how small."
Mother Teresa


Kat Sloma said...

I thought I would pop over to snowy Fargo and see what's going on with you today. :) I love that cool sky you captured! I always think it's so cool to see the outline of the sun like that. Those bookcards look neat! What are all of them for?

AliceKay said...

Eerie looking sky out there. It snowed here most of yesterday but we don't have much on the ground. The mountains are looking pretty with lots of snow on the trees. (i took a pic)

That was a neat gift from Kero and Gwydion. Cute dish, too.

We had a nice Christmas here. Pictures and video to post whenever I get some time.

Have a great Sunday. I hope you're able to get some sleep.

Barbara said...

I love those book cards, they are so pretty.

Deanna said...

Lots of snow there. I'm glad you are warm and toasty inside. It is cold and snowy here. But since we are staying home and recuperating from the festivities of Christmas today in front of the fireplace, I don't mind a bit!

Hopefully, you will be able to rest up some and get your sleep cycle back in sync.

Anonymous said...

Karma looks so comfy in her little bed. Sorry about your sleep being off again hopefully that will change for you soon. You got lots of snow and we finally did too :o) I still havent started back watching Northern Exposure I have so much to watch lol I havent seen Eat Pray Love yet but I want to. I like Julia Roberts. Hope you are having a nice Sunday!

tattytiara said...

Those bookcards are such a great idea!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love your cat!! You're the second bloggy friend I have who has a cat named Karma!

Email me your snail mail address, and I'll add you to my card making list!

Rita said...

Kat--You do the best photography! Thanks for stopping by. :)
I use the bookcards for letter writing. There are five folded sheets inside, so you get 20 little pages to write on. Unless I glue pictures inside or do something else to add additional weight, they're under an ounce, too, so there's no extra cost to mail. I make regular cards, too. :)

AliceKay--Snow topped mountains look so beautiful. Can hardly wait to see your pictures. And of Christmas. I hope you have a video of Ryan! ;)

Barb--Thanks so much! :)

Deanna--Fireplace--ahh! That sure sounds cozy. I'm sleeping, but it's during the day--hehe! No worries. Going round the clock happens to me regularly. :)

Lynn--That last season of Northern Exposure went over the top a bit and I missed Joel being Joel (I never bought him going native) and the new doc and his wife seemed strange. But the first five seasons are delicious! I still haven't watched Eat. Pray, Love because I was busy with Jimmy Stewart--hehe! Maybe tonight. Soon!

TattyTiara--Welcome! Thanks so much! I have gotten hooked on using them for letters now. Compact. Can toss it in my purse, even. :)

Jeannie--Another Karma! ;)
I've never set up to use the blogger email links. I tried it. Let me know if it worked. I'd love being on your Christmas card list!! I saw the beautiful cards you made. :)

Furry Bottoms said...

You're so talented, but I already knew that! :)

Karma looks so warm and cozy!

Rita said...

Thanks, Nikki!!! :)

Serena Lewis said...

What a lovely treat for Karma! Very thoughtful of Tori and pets.

Eerie sky!

Your book cards look wonderful, Rita...I like your cardboard cradle set-up.

Ruby and Donn did a lovely job on their cards.

I'm keen to hear what you think of Eat, Pray, Love...I haven't seen it yet but want to. I loved the book.

Our Christmas was lovely....the kids came for Christmas lunch as per usual so it was a very busy day for me in the kitchen but I also got to hold little Mikayla heaps and loved it!

Rita said...

Serena--I bought the cradle online from VolcanoArts. One of these days Leah is going to make me a wooden one. The cardboard one is still holding together okay so far, but it is bending with wear.

Eat,Pray,Love was pretty good. I bet the book was even better. Julia Roberts is always good. :)

You'll have to plant a little kiss from me on Mikayla's forehead next time you see her. What a special Christmas this year!! :):)

Intense Guy said...

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We're gonna rock around the clock tonight,
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We're gonna rock, gonna rock, around the clock tonight!!


Sowwy I soooo stoopid. :)

Rita said...

Iggy--Silly and playful are not the same as stoopid--ROFL!!! ;)

Toriz said...

Karma is very welcome! :)

The cat head shape is Wiskas' logo. All their stuff is either cat head shaped, or has a cat head logo on it. Let me know if you have any luck finding them over there.

Rita said...

Tori--We have Whiskas over here and I have never seen them inside a cat head shaped container. Maybe we have the same treat inside a different container. I'll let you know. :)