Monday, December 27, 2010


Amazing sunrise Sunday morning!
I wonder if a red sunrise means it is going to warm up? If I was an old Swedish farmer maybe I'd know those things--hehe! But it has warmed up so that we're reaching into the 20's during the day.
This is just a little thank you video to Kero and Mr. Weakers from Karma. ;)

Happy Monday!!
"Take care of yourself--you never know when the world will need you."
Rabbi Hillel


Serena Lewis said...

What a beautiful sunrise, Rita! It's been nothing but rain here for days...I want some sunshine!!!

AliceKay said...

Beautiful sunrise. You have a pretty good view of the sunrises out there, too. :)

I loved seeing the video of Karma waddling after the treats. You can see how much she loves them. :)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Beautiful pictures ~ and Karma is adorable!

I really enjoy your video clips. I'm going to have to try and figure out how you do that?

Rita said...

Serena--Well, if it was raining I hope it was cooler for you guys! ;)

AliceKay--I've got a good horizon shot and face pretty much east so I see the sunrises. When I'm awake for them--hehe!
Karma actually raced across the floor again later on. She loves these for some reason. Tori has had cats and hers loved these. Maybe there's catnip in them--ROFL!

Donna--This is new for me--putting videos on my blog. You need to have a youtube account and then you can cut and paste them in. AliceKay told me how. ;) When it comes to computer stuff I'm not too good at even things other people don't think are complicated and I even managed to figure it out after a while. ;) All you need is a camera or a phone that takes videos. :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohhhh! Just look at that sunrise! I can never get great shots like that with my camera!!! I think it's my fault though, lol!

Stay warm!!!!!

Intense Guy said...

I could see that wind blowing on your porch screen... brrrrrrrrrr!

I hope you have a heat wave... like... maybe all the way up to .. freezing!

Red sky in morning, sailor take warning

(unless, of course, you are a swedish farmer then you celebrate by reading the financial news, "Hela 77 procent av landets 7-12 åringar har någon gång besökt en bondgård. Kanske har det bidragit till att majoriteten av barnen också vet varifrån maten kommer. Fyra av fem vet att mjöl är huvudingrediens i bröd, tre av fyra vet att ost framställs av mjölk. Det visar en Sifoundersökning LRF presenterar idag.")

I think I'll just pat Karma on the head.

Parsley said...

I LOOOOOVE Karma! She's surely a special kitty!

Rita said...

Jeannie--Well, they pass quickly, too! By the time I go get my camera sometimes they have faded a lot (second shot). Of course, I never used to be awake at dawn, either--hehe! ;)

Iggy--Yup--it was a cold, windy day and there was snow plastered all over that screen.
Aha! Red sky--bad sailing weather.
Where in the world did you get the Swedish financial news!! You crack me up! I only know good day and the word for a troll that lives under a bridge (because of the troll dolls I had as a kid). My grandparents wouldn't speak Swedish because they wanted to be Americans.

Parsley--And she bigger than half your dogs!! ROFL!! ;)

Toriz said...

"Red sky at night, a shepherd's delight.
Red sky in the morning, a shepherd's warning."

That's what I always heard. In other words, a red sunrise is meant to warn of upcoming storms... So probably a warning of the blizzard you ended up having?

Rita said...

Tori--Well that makes sense. We had blizzard after blizzard. Not often you see a really red sky like that in the morning. At least I haven't. It was beautiful--but ominous. Yup--makes sense. :):)