Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Well, look what arrived yesterday afternoon!
The long anticipated new cat box! *giggles*
Dagan and Leah were coming over. We made a change of plan. After dinner Dagan and Leah put the cat box together. Karma watched from under the art table. The larger door piece you see on the floor in the foreground--not using that optional piece--the additional inside door.
You can make a zigzag route to the inside litter box to keep out babies and dogs and to try to prevent as much tracking, but with Miss Karma I just want more room and a bigger litter box. ;)
Dagan and Leah put the box together...
...piece by piece...
...which fit together very accurately and smoothly.
I was surprised because it looked to me like Karma had fallen asleep watching them, but they assured me her eyes were open.
Time to attach the top.
Leah made adjustments to the spring and it was finished!
Dagan tried to get Karma to play a little...
...she was sorely tempted, but stayed put.
Karma surprised us by walking around in the living room for a little bit when Dagan and Leah were first here. And she did stay that close to the action when they were putting the cat box together. I wish she'd act her normal self when people were over. Oh well.
As soon as Dagan and Leah left Karma went around the apartment checking out the packing material and so on. And she discovered where they had put the new cat box (in my bedroom until we buy a tub for the inside for the actual kitty litter).

Karma seemed to know this was for her. I don't think we'll have any problems switching over when the time comes. I love this new one. Looks like actual furniture with the legs and all. Has a top that doesn't slam down. Ahhh! Will take up a lot more room in the hallway, but I'll get used to not bumping into it. After all, I got used to avoiding the buckets for the dripping roof in the hallway without my glasses in the middle of the night--ROFL!
Leah and I will probably go shopping for a container next week. :)
After Dagan and Leah were done with that project, Dagan went home and Leah went over to the hospital to visit with her mom. Vicky (I guess I spelled it wrong) was supposed to start her chemotherapy yesterday, but they found she had problems with her insulin levels. Vicky is going down to Mayo today--one of the best hospitals in the world. Our prayers go with her.
Today it is snowing again. 10 degrees right now. Am working on Christmas cards on this white and windy day. And had forgotten to call Barnes & Noble about the mistake, so going to try to get through to them. (Already tried this morning and after being on hold for five minutes a recorded voice told me to call back later.) Wish me luck!
Happy Wednesday!
"An optimist isn't necessarily a blithe, sappy whistler in the dark. To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. If we remember those times and places where people behaved magnificently, this gives us energy to act and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction."
Howard Zinn


Furry Bottoms said...

I have to admit I've never seen such a cat box before, and I love it. When I get a cat in the future, I am definitely keeping this in mind!

Has Karma had an "accident" in the box yet, without the container there?

Toriz said...

I'm glad Karma likes her new box. :)

I think after a couple of bruised legs you'll remember to be careful of the bigger box in the hallway. Take it from someone with plenty of experience with attempting to avoid obstacles... If it's something that stays in the same spot, it doesn't take many bruises before you get in the habbit of avoiding it (even while half asleep). It could be a bit painful while you get used to it though.

Thanks for the update on Vicky... My thoughts are still with her (and her family, of course).

I don't know exactly what the temperature here is today, but I know it's extremely cold. It's been sticking around freezing most of the time, often dipping a fair bit below freezing. Whatever the temperature is today, I'm really cold (and I'm not one to feel the cold much). I'm currently very glad I have a laptop that allows me to be curled up in a blanket in bed while checking blogs. ;)

AliceKay said...

Nice looking cat box. From what I just saw in your video, it looks as though you won't have any problem with Karma once you switch the boxes over. Cats are so smart, aren't they?

I'll continue to pray for Vicky. I've heard the Mayo Clinic is the best hospital in the country for cancer research and treatment. I hope her insulin levels go back to what they should be so she can start her treatments.

It's been bitter cold here for this time of year...20sF today with windchill in the lower teens. It's supposed to drop to the single digits tomorrow night. (that's cold for us) I can hear the fuel oil being sucked thru my pipes. :( The wind is supposed to let up tomorrow, but we have snow heading our way this weekend.

Good luck getting things straightened out with Barnes and Noble.

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry about your daughter in laws Mother, I hope all goes well with the family during her time of treatment. That is one fancy cat box, I just love that thanks for sharing with us :o)

Rita said...

Nikki--Dagan and Leah thought it was pretty cool, too. No accidents with Karma. Luckily she figures no litter to dig in--no place to do her business. Thankfully I don't think she has a clue it is a cat box--just because it is in a different place and she already has her old one. ;)

Tori--LOL! Yup! A couple of shin knocks and I will be able to navigate to the bathroom with my eyes closed.
When I hear anything new about Vicki I'll post it. You know what Leah means to me. Thanks!
Maybe the wind was in just the right direction? When it is just right over here it is hard to warm the place up and I can get chilled, too. Then it's extra warm socks and cuddle under the throw time. ;)

AliceKay--I love the new fancy catbox. Maybe get it together in a week or so. :)
Thanks! Mayo is top of the line in so many areas. If anybody can do the best for her, they can. :)
Been very cold here, too. Looks like we have to hope for an early spring! :)

Lynn--Yup! This fancy cat box will hopefully be the last one I'll ever have to buy! ;)
Thanks so much! We hope Mayo will be able to help her. :)

Intense Guy said...

I love how Inspector #23 (that would be Karma) is keeping a close eye on the quality of the building - and making sure it meets exacting standards.

I continue to hold Vicky in my thoughts and prayers...

Toriz said...

Oh, yeah... Gotta have the fluffy socks when it gets cold! That's the only time I have anything on my feet if I'm not going outside (I prefer bare feet, but when it gets really cold, well, then it's just not a good idea to have bare feet, so the fluffy socks come out).

Rita said...

Iggy--I could have sworn she fell asleep on the job, but they assured me her eyes were still on the activities. We were surprised she was relaxed enough to lay her head down when Dagan and Leah were right there working so close to her--hehe! ;)
Thanks for the prayers! :):)

Tori--I prefer bare feet, too! But winter changes all that when the tile floors feel like ice--ROFL! :):)