Monday, December 20, 2010


Dagan and Leah plan to come over tomorrow night for a Sacred Circle. I guess it may be "weather permitting" by the looks of it. Have to wait and see what our parking lot looks like tomorrow night, too, even if it stops snowing. (They aren't always the best at clearing out the snow here.)
I trimmed down all the bookmarks and they went home with Leah.
Look what came from Iggy!
I had to chuckle, tho--no cottonwood tree. But lots of gorgeous pictures of all kinds of majestic trees. What a sweet surprise! If it was meant to be a Christmas present--sorry--I opened it--hehe! Thanks, Iggy! This came on a perfect day for lifting my spirits. :):)
Not that my spirits have been low--despite a couple pain pill days--hehe! I'd say I've been more in a contemplative mood. Been milling something over...big GA stuff. In order to tell you about it, I'll have to give you my background with energy work and such. So, I'm thinking I might have to tell the story in installments. My friends and close family already have heard all of this over the years--you guys can skip or skim--hehe! ;) I am working up to it--letting the new concepts sink in first. Anyways, now you won't be surprised when I start on this series of posts. I'll try and remember to title them. ;)
Less than five days till Christmas! We are definitely having a white Christmas up here. Gorgeous to look at, but really slippery out there. Drive carefully. Stay warm (or cool, as the case may be). 2011 is going to be a much more interesting and challenging year than I would have ever guessed. :):)
"The grateful heart sits at a continuous feast."


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Pretty snow!

My Honeybunny keeps threatening me that he's going to take me to his parent's home (they live in Thompson) some winter ~ I told him I would just roll up into a little ball!! I don't do cold well.

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!

Intense Guy said...

Wow... that winter video looks brrrrrr....blustery! We've not had any snow here to speak of... but its only the first day of winter... I got a feeling its going to be a long one.

I love that leg shake thingy Karma does. LOL!

Durn... no buttonwoods in that book? Maybe some Sycamores?

akartisan said...

I guess you won't be able to sewe the eclipse with all that snow. It's -25 here and I went out several times to watch the moon. I got to see the red stage for a little bit.
Bet you're glad to be inside today.

Furry Bottoms said...

Karma absolutely made me giggle out loud!! I love all the paw tracks... I always take pictures of my dog's paw prints in the snow. When it snows, that is.

I saved some paw prints from one of my old cats-- she had walked in some mustard by accident and tracked it on my homework in high school. I still have it... not for the homework but for the paw prints! hehehe

Anonymous said...

I loved loved loved the snow video!! I just have to say after watching the Karma video is that I just love your accent, I was telling my husband about you and how you definitely have the fargo accent lol We have watched that movie called Fargo and we just loved the way they talked hehe have you seen that movie? they probably just talk normal to you eh? lol

AliceKay said...

That's way too much snow for me. Fargo was mentioned on the Weather Channel this morning when they were reporting where snow was falling, and I immediately thought of you.

I cracked up when I saw Karma shaking her legs to get the snow off of them. LOL She is so funny. Surprised me to see her lay down in the snow, tho. Apparently it surprised you, too. LOL

No snow here yet (which is fine by me). We get flurries and an occasional snow squall now and then, but that's about it. We might get something this weekend, tho. It all depends on how the storm tracks across the country.

Stay safe and warm out there. I'll be looking forward to your series of posts.

Serena Lewis said...

Karma was so cute shaking off her back

Yes, you are certainly getting some snow there...staying indoors where it's nice and cosy sounds like a perfect idea.

I am looking forward to hearing more on your energy work and GA, Rita...and how sweet of Iggy to send you a book on trees. Trees are so majestic and beautiful.

The weather reports say we are going to be in for a rainy Christmas Day...I don't mind as it will at least be cooler than the sweltering temps we usually get over the Christmas period.

Stay warm and dry in Fargo.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Rita said...

Donna--Well, if you ever do come up in the winter, for your sake, I hope it is a brief visit and bring a lot of warm clothes and a good thick coat. It will be an experience you won't forget, tho--ROFL! ;)

Iggy--No snow for Christmas! I'm so sorry. ;) Me, too--but she shouldn't shake all the snow off if she wants to eat her footprints, right? Yes--the book has a Sycamore tree!! Huge and gorgeous! ;)

Sue--I couldn't see the moon eclipse, but thanks for the link you sent me so I could see pictures!! :)

Nikki--When I was first making handmade paper I left some damp paper to dry on the table overnight and Miss Karma left a pawprint on one. Karma must have thought it was cold and damp like snow and decided not to walk any further up there--but it was proof she is up where she's not supposed to be as soon as I am gone or asleep--ROFL! I made a card out of it and sent it to my cat-lover, critter-lover best friend, Ruby. ;) Love your mustard paws you saved!! :)

Lynn--Accent? What accent? ;)
If you like to hear our "accents" you can hear Leah and I talking a lot more on my craft youtube videos.
(I hope this is right?)

AliceKay--I think I was totally distracting Miss Karma. I usually stick her out and shut the door so she's not used to the door being open and me yacking at her. I think she thought it was still dry over there under the little table like it was before the last snowstorm--ROFL! She looked a bit surprised herself! When it is warmer (like it was that day-in the 20s) she likes to sit on the dry spots under the furniture and watch the screen. Maybe she is wistfully watching for bugs or the swallows that perch on the wooden rail sometimes?

Serena--Trees are precious. I still remember how sad it was when they took down that big tree from right behind your backyard fence. :( Stay dry. I hope it cools off for you. You can come back and watch my snowstorm video if it gets too hot--hehe! ;)

Queenie Jeannie said...

All our snow has melted (must to Bella's disgust!), and we're back to daily rain again. Ugh!

Lovely book from Iggy!!

Merry Christmas!

Rita said...

Jeannie--Oh no--snow gone! I'm with Bella. :)
I do love trees. There's nothing better to me than leaning my back against a tree--feeling it--connecting with it--whether I am standing or sitting on the ground. When I was a kid I climbed them a lot--hehe! Not sure I have hugged them enough. Maybe I should do more tree hugging. ;)