Friday, January 18, 2008


Actually, these photos are several days old. I have figured out that I can send pictures and links back and forth between the desk computer and the laptop in emails--hehe!
Anyways, they are working away at building the basement or lower level ceiling.

Here's where the stairs will be when you come in the front door--going up and down in the split level.

Those are the latest pictures. I am curious as to how they put in the cement floor in the basement? I find it all interesting. :)
I worked on the birthday cards yesterday and finished all the caulking parts--tada!! My goal was to be finished with them before Monday and I just might make it! :) I was so busy doing that yesterday that I haven't even watched the DVD that came with the Cuisinart yet--so I haven't experimented with it thusfar. I think I am actually afraid to start right now--because I will probably get so wrapped up with my amazing new kitchen toy that I won't finish the birthday cards--hehe! So, I might wait until I am done with those first. By that time I will be out of homemade soup again anyways.
We have a really cold weekend ahead. Lows in the minus teens and highs in the minus single digits--might hit zero degrees for a high by Monday. I am so glad I have heat and don't have to go anywhere. Leah is on call for her second job where she has to drive to different places if they call. I hope she is lucky and doesn't get hardly any calls--no calls--this weekend. Doubtful, but one can hope.
Me--I will be here constructing birthday cards and eating up my hot homemade cabbage and potato soup.

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