Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I decided to go ahead and do the blog now before I go to sleep. I've been up all night the past few nights again--on that cycle for a while. Anyways, last night I was playing around with some stamping. Embossed them in black and then colored them in with the Lyra crayons and the water brush. Fun! That colorful blob on the right is the folded up damp paper towel. I can just wipe off the color and go to the next color--so cool! Perfect for this kind of a project.

I love the colorful Christmas trees! Might use them for this Christmas in 2008. Putsy--but so colorful and bright! And if I start now--I have LOTS of time--hehe!

Meanwhile--new photos of Dagan and Leah's house! They are really coming along. How they can work in this cold is beyond me! But I am glad that they are, I guess.

I'm sure it will be much more pleasant for the construction workers, also, when they get the rest of the house framed and all the walls up. At least that would block the wind!
I trimmed the long plant that gets to covering the top of the tank and laid out the strands on some newspaper. Forgot them there when I slept last. Woke up and Karma had eaten every last piece! Chuckle! I wonder if she ate them damp or dry? Hehehe! She sure got her greens yesterday.
I watched the Cuisinart DVD and have plans to try to make bread eventually, for sure. They showed several of the recipes from the little recipe book that came with it. Helps me to watch, so I am glad they had a DVD. Nice surprise! :)
Tomorrow I will be up early--sleep or no sleep. Leah is coming over and we might be able to make it over to Tochi's, too. (Local health food store.) Depends on how busy she is on call, but she said it has slowed down. We will be doing crafts--not sure what yet?
Thursday I have my annual appointment with my Rheumatologist. So the next couple days are going to be busy ones for me. Keeps me out of trouble, right? :)
And--now I am off to bed...

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