Monday, January 07, 2008


So--what have I been doing SINCE New Year's Eve? chuckle!
I decided to move the easel. I had put it there after Gracie's bird cage left and that spot looked like a blank hole I should use somehow for art.
I only use the easel for acrylics and oils--and I am not doing that right now. It has just been sitting there for the past six months. So, I put it in the storage area.

Drug out an old rectangular folding table (have two actually) that I have used for crafts and many things over the years--to try something. It is four feet long and a little too wide for the spot, but it is a great idea. I have decided to get a folding art table--on sale till end of February!
I also decided I needed an "inspiration wall" once I pinned up the real paintings I got from Barbara and Haiying. So, I printed off a few online pictures of Haiying's and Barbara's paintings (hope you ladies don't mind?)--and a couple of pictures of Kio--just because I like them--hehe! I will probably find some more--switch them up, you know? Take some down and put others up--depending on what I am working on.
Now that is an inspirational wall, isn't it? Hopefully--over time--I will replace them with MY OWN paintings--hehe! Thanks Ladies!!
Below is the folding art table I want to buy. It can be raised from 29-53"--so can be used sitting or standing. (Leah prefers to stand and I might like to on occasion, too.) You can tilt it like a drafting table from 0-45 degrees! That will be wonderful for watercolors! 30 X 42 inches--so it will fit perfectly in that spot and give me a fairly large table space.

This means I will not have to tear down and set up--back and forth and back and forth--to do different projects!! I am so excited! I can keep the art table out for painting. I have the wood table by the window set up for birthday cards right now--(still--hehe!)--and can leave that up until I am finished--tada!! Happy, happy me!

Let's see--what else? I started the Cinch plan (for about three and a half weeks) on the 4th after I got my grocery delivery. Dagan and Leah had been trying it--Dagan quit. He liked the chocolate and Leah liked the vanilla. They gave me his leftover chocolate powder last month.

You make a shake for two meals and eat one healthy meal and healthy snacks. I ordered a bunch of Lean Cuisines, which I never buy (too expensive for me)--and low calorie snack bars, carrots, yogurt, nuts, etc, to snack on. At least I am starting out healthier this year--hehe!

Last Friday I had the great visit with Maria! We always have a wonderful time visiting.

Yesterday Leah and her friend, Amber, came by to work on designing Amber's wedding invitations. They were here the better part of the day while I washed clothes. I think it is really going to be a pretty little invitation! :) They really did a good job thinking this up!

Leah has been swamped with work calls, so she can't take me shopping today and might not be able to come over to do crafts on Wednesday, either? Dagan is coming by after work to bring me shopping. And in the meantime--I have to haul out a stack of things to the dumpster and the garage. (The little Christmas tree is coming down early this year--hehe! I often have it up into February, to be honest--just love Christmas, you know!) So--I had best get moving... :)

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