Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I started this blog on Tuesday and something happened and I couldn't access blogger?
I can't get pictures from the camera into the computer, either. Not sure if it is the camera, the cord, or the computer. Luckily I had these pictures already--of the birthday cards. I decided to post them because it won't ruin the tactile effects of the 3-D caulking-hehe!

Anyways, I was having the camera troubles at the same time I was trying to do the blog--so they must be connected. I can access blogger on the laptop? I sure seem to have the strangest problems with my computer....????
I have spent the last couple days catching up on emails. Yesterday I had my federal housing appointment at 3:30pm. Caroline came to clean at 11:30am (she has to come earlier now because of her class schedule), then she went to a class, and actually volunteered to come back to pick me up to bring me over to my appointment during her break inbetween classes! What a sweetheart! It was below zero and very windy--would have been a horrible day for a three-bus trip, that's for sure.
Then Dagan (who had also volunteered) came and picked me up and brought me home. Cell phones can be really nice, I have to admit--hehe! Thank you! Thank you, to both of them!
It was so cold and windy yesterday that the heat couldn't keep up or froze or something? It was really cold in here--no heat--cold to the touch. I had layers of clothes on and crawled under blankets and went to bed early (grateful I no longer have a bird to worry about with the cold)--and slept late--sure I'd have to call the office today. But, now there is heat today. Good! Another thing to be grateful for.
Leah is coming over later this afternoon. Dagan is coming over after work, too. Leah's bringing dinner for them because they have an appointment about their cabinets in Fargo and they can just leave from here. (Dagan works in Fargo.)
Haiying's package came yesterday and Leah can pick up her new T-shirts and magic paper. (That is what I was trying to do yesterday--put pictures of Haiying's order into the computer.) We will work on crafts. I am working on the brithday cards and am halfway done. I just want to get those done before I get involved doing anything else. I can be easily side-tracked, you know--hehe!
I hardly slept the two days before last night. I don't think the herbal menopause stuff is doing much of anything any more, so I am going to quit when this bottle runs out. Might have to go in to my doctor and see about taking hormones, I suppose. I hate to take hormones because you always hear bad things about them, too. I'll see how it goes.
I might not have any pictures for a while. New ones, anyways. :(
Have to wait and see if Dagan and Leah can figure out what's wrong.
My apartment is slowly warming up. It is one of those white days where the sky and the ground blend together into one solid white wall. Makes it look very cold out, but it has warmed up to a balmy 11 degrees!
Stay warm! Or to my friend Cristina in Argentina--stay cool! :)

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