Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm back, I guess.
Been a long week.
While I was sick I got a "daughter angel pin" from my folks.
They got one for me and one for my sister, Renee--who is doing much better with the kidney stones, BTW. They are still dissolving, but she has been off the pain pills for a while.
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Since I don't really leave the house very often, I found a spot for it--
pushed it into a cardboard box that sits in my desk.

So, now I have another angel watching over me. :)

I have over twenty emails to respond to. Might take me a while to catch up. Thanks everybody for being patient with me while I recover. :)

Got back to the Cinch plan yesterday again. I am washing clothes today. Tomorrow I have my annual appointment with federal housing. Caroline is coming to clean and she is going to give me a ride uptown. Dagan is going to pick me up after work and bring me home. I am so grateful. Didn't really want to have a physical set-back before I am even back to my normal. (It's a three bus journey one way.)

I am glad to be back and am feeling much better. :)

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