Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, I have been experimenting and have discovered that it is not the camera or the cord--it is something wrong with the desk computer. I found where to plug the camera in on the laptop and the pictures showed up. I am blogging from the laptop.
Here are pictures I had been taking. This is from Haiying's order. My part was her book (I just need to buy a 3-ring binder for it), some magic paper (8 in a package), and a larger & a smaller bamboo orchid brush. (I want to try to paint a bit larger--all my brushes are pretty small. And Leah likes to paint larger.)

Here's the T-shirts Leah ordered. And she got a package of magic paper, too.
We didn't get to do crafts together yesterday. Leah was detained. In fact, Dagan got here after work before she did. They left from here to go check on cabinets for their house.

My heat wasn't on, I guess. Or was only briefly on. All the registers were cold. So, I called the office and they sent the nicest man over to fix it--David.

Almost three years ago when I moved in I had no heat. This guy came over and he installed this lever on the bedroom heat register. This is a picture of it when it was on. Off--the lever stuck straight out from the register. Didn't seem to work well inbetween, you know? Either I had the heat on or off.

David actually wanted to fix the heat so that it worked from the thermostat for the first time in almost three years. What a task! He was trying to find the register with the control on it. He had to pull out the stamp cabinet and the craft bookcase--nope. Then he had to pull out the bookcase next to the TV stand and the TV stand to find it. He replaced the unit and got everything back in their spots. I have heat--and controlled by the thermostat! And that lever is now tucked inside the end cap in the bedroom--not visible anymore. TaDa!

Now I have been playing around to find out where the heat should be set--and maybe I can leave it there and not have to be constantly turning the heat on and off anymore! Nice! I told him that this place just keeps getting better and better. I do love my little apartment.

Meanwhile--the Cuisinart arrived yesterday, too!! So Dagan and Leah got to see it and all the parts.

It is way heavier than my old one that Leah has now. I am thinking that this one might not dance around on the counter if you try to make bread dough? I'll find out eventually. The beaters are wiskers, really. For lighter batters and whipping cream, etc. I think you make cookie dough with the blade as I recall?

I have instructions and a small sample cookbook to read through today. :) A late Merry Christmas to me, eh? Isn't it beautiful!! Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? It is beautiful to me!
I worked on the birthday cards yesterday. I think I will finish the caulked parts today. Then I can start putting them together. My goal was to be done before Monday and I think I am going to make it. Hurray! So--off I go...after I figure out how to transfer copies of the photos to the desk computer since all the rest of them are on that one.....????

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