Thursday, January 31, 2008


Turned out that Dagan and Leah were feeling "off" yesterday. Dagan even stayed home from work. So Leah didn't want to come over after her dentist appointment and I wasn't feeling up to snuff, either--so we cancelled craft day again.

Dagan and Leah had a scheduled apointment with their contractor to pick out doors for the house, etc. They bumped the meeting up. Wanted to get it over with in case they were coming down with this flu, too. (I haven't heard from them today.) Then they stopped over here to get my computer working. (Had to download from Dagan's computer from the beginning again--it finished at 1:30am.)

They brought over marinated chicken breasts from a meat market and we (mostly Dagan and Leah) made a dinner of chicken, rice, and broccoli. Best meal I've had in a while! Been eating soup and bread for many days. Just too tired and weak to function very well yet. And I have leftovers for dinner tonight, too! :) Nice!

I just need rest and sleep and time to recover. It takes me longer than healthy folks to bounce back, I'm sure. But I am slowly feeling better. Still a little queasy, but much better than I was. I have not been on the computer much, so I apologize to those of you who haven't heard back from me yet.

Now I am off to watch the recapped "Lost" program that I taped last night. I will see the new episode tonight! That is something to look forward to--hehe! I really enjoy that show. Like one huge puzzle!

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