Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day- Tuesday- noon

Happy New Year!!
I am going to be showing pictures for a couple of days.
Today I'll show the Angelic Messenger Cards and the Healing Runes.
Once a year I gather up all my crystals and different objects from around the apartment that need a dose of good energy (some of them a good dusting--hehe!)
This year I didn't forget to take down the very colorful cloth off my bedroom wall that I bought from the Tibetan monks (now in India, of course) when they visited several years ago at Concordia College. I think it might actually be a ceremonial cloth?
Actually, first I drove Karma crazy with all my bells, chime, and singing bowl. I'll show you close ups of those tomorrow.
The pinkish book is the Angelic Messenger Cards book. I did those first.
This year I had a very specific question to ask. I usually just ask in general what I am supposed to focus on or what I need to know--and I kind of ended up getting an answer to that, too, anyways. :)
My question was about whether I should take a my friend Lynnette's Amazon parrot, Rascal, or not--as she wants to find a home for him when they move and asked me if I would take him because she knows how I love birds. She has a cockatiel, also--but I knew I didn't want another cockatiel. I am a sucker for parrots, though!!
These are what the angel cards look like--each one has a flower on it.
They are very positive, uplifting cards.
I ended up with "Self-Worth"....

...and that is the same card I got last time Dagan, Leah, and I did them. I had bookmarked it!
Obviously--a lesson I still need to learn, eh?

The card has to do with not giving away your inner power--
not breaking down your own sense of well-being--
"This card is suggesting that you will do well to make sure you stay in your own power even when others have expectations of your fixing their lives."

"You are responsible primarily for developing your own spiritual capacity..."
"Self-worth is the basis for spiritual advancement."

Since I had gotten this card last time, I wanted something clearer for an answer.
So, I decided to do the Healing Runes--also very positive. This version has no real negatives. I know it is not using them in the "proper" old Celtic way, but I like this book because it is so positive.

The book came with this set of runes-below.

But I was in the mood to use my sparkly set.
I have to reach into the bag to choose these because you can see through half of them (not that I have them memorized--hehe!) The bags didn't come with them, by the way. They were both gifts. :)

Since I had a specific question, I decided to use the five stone layout...

...and this is what I drew.
There's a handy graph inside the cover that tells you what page to find each stone.

These look very different in the pictures with different lighting and background, don't they?

Anyways, the runes gave me a more difinitive answer.
They made me admit denials--reminded me to work on healing myself--to be grateful for my present serenity...
I should be working on "healing of body, mind, and heart."
"Show compassion for yourself."
The boundaries rune had a lot to say:
"Respect and protection for your feelings, your health and your well-being are almost always at issue when you receive the Rune of Boundaries."
"..the time has come to provide yourself with healthy and appropriate Boundaries within which you can heal."
"Perhaps the challenge you are now facing requires the courage to say no to something that no longer has a place in your life."
"Receiving this Rune is a reminder to run a reality check."
It is true. My life has been a lot more peaceful and serene since I found a place for Miss Gracie (my cockatiel). And since then, I have hit menopause full force and am dealing with annoying bouts of insomnia. None of that would be conducive to bringing another bird into my home. I did not like "...that no longer has a place in your life"!! No more birds!!??
But--I love birds--especially parrots!! I still miss my African Greys--I can just think about them and it is like a hole in my heart. (Found an excellent home for them in Minneapolis before I moved here.) I have taken in many birds in my day--and found homes for a lot of birds, too. Many of the birds didn't like me to begin with--including both my Greys. (Rascal doesn't like me--or really anybody but Lynnette). Gracie never liked me, or any other human being, for that matter, and I kept her for over four years. Because I was afraid of where she'd end up when she didn't like humans, you know? (Turned out I found a great place for her where she could have the feathered boyfriend like she wanted.)
It is true--my life has never been as peaceful and calm as it has been since I moved to Fargo--and especially since Gracie (and her constant screeching and threatening) left, to be honest. Serenity is a good thing. I am worthy of peace and quiet and working on my own health, I guess. I do need to keep working on my own healing and my spiritual side. Stress and Fibro are a bad combination--true. I just always think I can handle things, you know?
Sorry, Lynnette. I can't take Rascal. :(
I knew it was true--even if I didn't want to hear it.
More pictures tomorrow from the New Year's Eve table.

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