Saturday, January 12, 2008


I can't believe it is already Saturday! Time flies when you're miserable--hehe! I am still not up to snuff, but I have heard that this flu can leave you listless for up to a week. I'm pretty low energy in the first place--ROFL!

Monday night when I went shopping with Dagan it was a beautiful evening. Had been warm enough for water to be dripping off the eaves that day. Felt like spring. (Now it is back to cold and snowing the last couple days--that I have actually noticed--ha!)

Big thing for me was I ordered the Cuisinart (above) that I have been saving for since October at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is being shipped via FedEx and is due to arrive on Tuesday--tada! I am so excited--and will post actual photos, of course.

Big thing for Miss Karma is that her treat drawer is full again and she got some new dry and canned foods (that CashWise doesn't carry).

The rest of the trip was buying up the stuff that you have to (toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, etc) at Target. I did get some cans of "my coffee" though--my one UN-neccessity.

After 2 1/2 hours of shopping--I was shot. Couldn't sleep at all Monday night--too sore and generally miserable. Shakey, dizzy, headache, hurt everywhere, nauseous, and threw up Tuesday morning. Didn't know I had the actual flu, tho--(can feel like that just from pain and lack of sleep)--until I had slept again and was still nauseous and sleep didn't make it better. Pretty sad that I didn't even know I was "sick-sick" for the first day or so--chuckle! With Fibromyalgia--well, you always have that all over body ache like you are coming down with the flu and activity makes it worse--it's hard to tell.

Well, that is totally it for today. I am on the mend--a slower mend than I would have hoped--but I am on the mend. :)

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