Friday, January 12, 2007


These beautiful angels from my friend, Lynnette, are watching over me in the bedroom until I finally put the little Christmas tree away and get them back in the living room. Unless they might do me more good watching over me when I sleep? Hummm???

I guess that was two angels today, eh? They're always together. I especially love the angel in red! You just don't see such dramatic looking angels very often. They are both beautiful.

Today we have had wind chill advisories out. Minus 45 degree wind chills. High of minus 3 degrees. This is more like our normal winter weather, but nobody has missed it much--hehe! It's minus 12 degrees right this minute, I guess. (I have the weather on.)

I watched Six Feet Under last night and couldn't stop! Just like with a really good book--I wanted to find out how it ended. They most certainly knew they were being cancelled. The ending was so amazing that I watched it twice and cried both times. All thru the five seasons they'd start each show with a death (somebody who'd end up in their funeral home) and cut to their full name with the birth year and death year. Nate, one of the two sons, died near the very end of the last season--that was sad enough. Kind of shocking to see his full name and birth and death year after seeing so many "strangers" over five seasons. Of course, it did start out with the father's accidental death in the very first show--but we didn't know him then. (He came back as a ghost/spirit thru the whole series--and they had his son Nate come back, too, after he died.)

They did kind of resolve most of the issues and conflicts to a great degree, which was nice. You knew it wasn't a fairy tale ending, but strides were made. At the very end they showed the daughter driving off to a job in New York--and as she drove a song played and showed snippets of the lives of all the main characters in the future and how they would die! And after each one, they'd go to the name and birth and death year. It was so bizarre to see deaths in like 2024, 2045, and 2083! And to see the characters old and how they died--and a couple of them being met by loved ones. Wow! I have never seen an ending to a series like that one! Thought provoking, universal, and made you think about how brief life really is. Has stuck with me today.

I worked on the next batch of birthday card parts last night too. One batch left to go. I think I told you I can't leave them on the table or Karma would walk or lay on them--and they do take a long time to dry. But after three loads of clothes, too, yesterday plus exercising--it's a pain pill R&R day today. :)

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