Sunday, January 21, 2007


I'm not sure if there is supposed to be a certain representation with this angel or a title to explain her sorrow? But when I look at her--with her arm over her eyes and the sword trailing her--she has always represented how I feel about humanity sometimes. Human beings are the most horrible and the most beautiful creatures on earth. That human beings would choose the darkest they can be instead of the lightest---that we are that blind and that lost--that we would voluntarily make that choice!!! Always makes me cry, too. Overwhelms me, when I think about it.

I choose to believe that this angel will recover from her moment of sorrow. She is a fighting angel--carries her sword with her even in her despair. She will fight for us again. She will believe in us again. That is what I see when I gaze at my angel in despair hanging in my hallway.

The reflexology appointment was cancelled. Dagan called me and asked if we could switch Sacred Circle, once again, to next Sunday when there's no football on--hehe! (I would never be aware of football games.) Leah's sister was over for this weekend, too, and this way they wouldn't have to kind of push her out the door--hehe! She could stay as long as she wanted. (Michal and Chuck live in Saint Cloud, Mn.)

I did all my paperwork and made copies of appropriate "stuff" for my annual appointment with federal housing tomorrow. I am all ready to go. I guess. :) Three buses to get there and three buses to get back. I will be blessed with warm weather!! Supposed to be like 28 degrees tomorrow! A virtual heat wave the past couple days!! I have an old bus schedule, so I will leave extra early in case they've changed anything. I'll bring a book and letter writing paper so I can go sit in Babb's coffee shop or Zandbroz if I have time to spare--which I probably will--am planning on having that luxury. :)

I slept at night last night, too! So, I should be good to go. Dagan is coming by after work tomorrow. I hope I am home from my 2pm appointment by then (5pm)--but he has a key. Dagan and Leah quit Netflix--too busy to watch the movies. But they wanted to see the two Pirates of the Caribbean movies with Johnny Depp and I ordered the movies for them. I also wanted Dagan to check my DVD/CD player on the computer. It is sticking and I am afraid I might not be able to get one out of there one of these days. Not working well. I am hoping it is not a problem from the white powder? Could be?? The DVD/CD cleaner Leah sent over back then wouldn't work on it for some reason?? I called and asked Dagan to bring the cleaner again and I'll let him try that tomorrow night--see if he can get it to work?

Right now, I am listening to the CDs Dagan ordered -- the soundtrack of The Secret. Hope I can get it out of the machine--hehe! Watched a really good movie I forgot about on TV this afternoon--Simon Birch!! A movie about faith and destiny, I guess you'd say. And I turned off the TV afterwards and won't turn it on until tonight. Listening to The Secret is a much more positve way to spend my time. :)

I noticed that since I have been shutting off the TV here and there or not turning it on automatically when I get up--it has quit freaking out Miss Gracie so badly! chuckle! She thought something was very "off" in her world and got very, very nervous. I bet she thought I was going to be leaving any second--because that was the only time the TV went off when she was awake--ROFL!!! She's gotten more used to it now. Me, too! hehe! :) But I will be watching Desperate Housewives and laughing later tonight!

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