Sunday, January 28, 2007


I went down for a "nap" at 3pm and got up at 1:30am. Boy! This flu knocks you off your feet. Seems like it must be peaking--hehe! Worse the last couple days than it was when it started.

I called Leah and cancelled yesterday around noon for Sacred Circle and the reflexologist today. I hope the girl could get some other client to fill my spot tonight. Between Dagan and Leah and now me--we managed to miss Sacred Circle for the whole month of January--and now I have been informed that next Sunday is actually Super Bowl Sunday. Dagan and Leah suggested this Wednesday night, but I am not sure I will even be in shape by then? I am usually so exhausted after being sick--takes me longer to recoop than my pre-fibro days. And I've been reading online that this stuff can last a week or more. I came down with it late on Tuesday. We'll have to play it by ear.

Boy! I'm glad I managed to wash clothes when I did--chuckle! It got worse instead of better. That was one of those naggy things repeating in my head that I didn't want to hear. I have learned to listen to them--especially when they irritate me and I don't want to comply (thinking I'd be better soon, of course--hehe!). Thanks GA! Who would think guardian angels can help you out with such mundane things as laundry?? LOLOL!! But--I would have had to be sicker in dirty clothes!! Now I am sicker in clean clothes. :) Ah! The little things in life to be grateful for! *big grin*

Minus 11 degrees right now. Wind chills of minus 25 degrees. Glad I am indoors and warm under my blanket. Later...

PS Don't worry about me. I have been much sicker than this is my lifetime. This one is middle of the road sick. :)

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