Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yesterday I went to bed at dawn and slept late. Leah had a surprise for me! She and I went to a reflexologist! I have never been to one. Very painful at the time, but felt better after she was done. Hard to explain. Kind of like how when you're sore after exercising--you know it's a good sore. (I was shocked at the amount of pain I am carrying around in my feet!!) We made another set of appointments for Sunday the 21st in the afternoon. Then we'll go have Sacred Circle at Dagan and Leah's afterwards.

Before we went for the appointments, Leah cut my hair. Feels good to have the long straggly stuff cut off! It is shorter than it has been before when she's cut it, but I like it. Not even long enough to tie back--at all! hehe! I'm set for a while again now.

Have been reading "The Secret" and really getting excited about this whole concept!! Dagan ordered the DVD today and we'll all watch it together after it arrives. Leah is getting pretty excited about it, too. I hadthe book with to read while she had her appointment and then let her snoop thru the book while I had my session.

Basically it's about the Law of Attraction. The concept of what we send out to the Universe will come back--or what we are requesting will be delivered. Even if we aren't consciously aware we are asking for certain things--we are and then we are receiving them. Ask--believe--receive!

But--the Universe hears like a toddler (my interpretation). For example; if you tell a toddler--don't slam the door--they hear--slam the door. You're supposed to tell them--close the door gently. Then they will hear and picture close the door gently. Whatever you are focusing on--it will bring to you. Puts a whole new light on the inner mind chatter, doesn't it? If you hate your body--it will give you a body to hate. If you think about being overweight and needing to lose weight--it will give you overweight and weight you need to lose. The things we think about ourselves and the beliefs we have--will be given to us. If you are sending out negative feelings--it will bring you more negatives!

So--first you can start to concentrate on feeling positive and stating that your negative thoughts are weak and your positive thoughts are strong and powerful. If you feel negative--you attract negatives. If you feel positive--you attract positives. Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

Leah and I are going to focus on visualizing ourselves at our perfect wieght and find pictures of us when we felt our best. We will "see" ourselves healthy, energetic, and the perfect weight for us. I'll let you know how it goes! :)

I am not even half way thru the book. There's so much to absorb that I just read a chapter at a time and think about it. I will be reading this book more than once, that's for sure!!

That's the basics of what I know so far--I'm sure I'll be chatting about LOA in the future here. :) I had heard of it, but hadn't done any reading on it. There are lots of other books out there on the subject--I know--I've seen them in the book catalogs I get.

So--that has been my main focus lately! Positives here I come! :) I have also been working on the birthday cards (which I can't put in pictures cause everybody would see them who gets them from me)--doing the exercise DVD, the meditation DVDs, and writing a letter. I am keeping up with what I settled on for goal tracking. :)

Keep smiling!!

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