Thursday, January 04, 2007


I bought Karma some healthier, natural cat food--salmon flavored--at this Natural Pet Store we didn't know was here (Leah and I went after the last chiro visit). Karma loves salmon, so I thought she'd love this healthier salmon-flavored food. Well, those of you who have followed this silly blog know that Karma likes to sit nearby the bowl and scoop out pieces of cat food with her paw and eat them one by one. Obviously, when she gets the "healthy" nuggets, she scoops out something else. What a stinker! I guess she isn't appreciating the healthier food any more than I am--hehe!

I did go shopping at Target last night with Dagan. Not exciting to buy paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, paper plates, light bulbs and such--but the company was excellent, as usual! :)

Then, last night, I figured out my craft order from Polymer Clay Express. This order was actually made courtesy of my Christmas money!! Just took me a while and some planning. I am excited! The majority of the order was for things to go with the Melting Pot--but I did order a couple other things, too, for card making. And the molds that I ordered can be used for the melting pot, polymer clay, and possibly for handmade paper--not sure, but I will have to check it out. :)

I am still managing to be in bed by my 2am deadline--even if I just lie there--and start hitting the snooze at 9am, but I am very tired. Sooner or later that should cause me to go to bed really early, right? That is the plan. Being a night owl--I automatically wake up again, even if I am tired, late at night. Just like a morning person would automatically wake up even if they went to bed late. Was very hard to get up today--but I am sticking to this for now and going to see if it will work. :)

Off to check mail. They have been coming later in the day, I guess. So, I don't bother to go check till around 2pm or so.

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