Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wednesday- 2 pm

Here's a picture of my fancy German made Holtkotter lamp. Bought this when I lived/worked at Lee Square and could finally afford a really good reading lamp! I got it on sale for around $325 (?) and I see now they're on sale for around $460.00!! Who would have ever thought a floor lamp could appreciate in value??!!

The frosted elliptical shade cracked where it gets attached. I'll have to be extra careful when I change bulbs and not to try to screw the post on too tight! I just got an email back from this lady in Boston from Neena's Lighting Design and the shade would be $15.00. That is not too bad. I actually expected it to be more, so I will probably check another place or two and get the cheapest replacement that I can, of course. From the last angle it looks like a two-headed lamp! Hehe! This is my makeshift substitute for the time being. I am so spolied! I am used to being able to use the dimmer switch the brass lamp has, too. Anyways, that is myHoltkotter lamp--that I love dearly, being an avid reader and writer. :)

I have so many goals I am tracking on Sparks! Daily--tracking calories, my Shaklee supplements, drink 8 glasses of water, do a quick response to the "healthy reflections" email I get every day from Sparks on my Sparks journal, get to bed by 2am, and be up by 10am. Once a week--learn something new (for the challenge I signed up for), Artist's Date (from The Artist's Way book), work on the Dark Side of The Light Chasers book, get back to my writing-writing, and work on my sorry website--hehe! (These are the more optional ones to keep up with if I get overwhelmed by the rest of it--ha!) Three times a week I will try to exercise and do some kind of meditation or connecting (for the challenge). That is a lot. Some I am pretty much in the habit of already--tracking them just assures me I won't forget them at all. If I end up putting a couple optionals on hold and finishing them later--fine. Just so I do them this year. :)

Well, Dagan is coming over after work. [I get my laptop back today! Leah actually got quite a few of the videos watched, last I heard, for the deal from Renae for free Shaklee. Good!! ] Dagan is taking me shopping for dry goods. I haven't decided yet if I actually want to go to WalMart to save the little extra money (I know they were always cheaper on the paper goods, etc) or go to Target. I am just not fond of WalMart after working there and basically having them lie to me. I was hired to work full-time--but after the Christmas season I was cut back to 6 hours a week!! And that was over three days!!! Was then told by other employees that they do that every winter. Even the manager of the jewelry department where I worked was cut back on her hours every winter. Well, I lived alone and needed a paycheck! Needless to say, but I will repeat it---I am not fond of WalMart. Poor as I am, I will probably go to Target. My pocketbook may give a tug toward WalMart, but my heart pulls me to Target--hehe!

Well, I have food in the house again!! CashWise was just here and I just finished putting everything away. Karma played in the empty bags for a while. We are listening to the sound of the little plow working away in the parking lot. I have been slowly working on birthday cards a little every night. Last night I didn't do too much, tho. Maria came for a quick visit. She might be coming over every Tuesday night for a while. That will be nice!

Now I am off to check the mail... :)

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