Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Here is the book I've been reading and absolutely enthralled with! If the DVD arrives in time, Dagan, Leah, and I are planning on all watching it together Monday night. Not sure it will get here that fast-- though one can hope. It would be a good night for us to do that.

This is my newest book on the nightstand. I always have a book by the bed and this one looks like it might be very interesting! It's another bookcrossing book from the lady in Alaska and will be heading over to Jennifer after I am finished. I have a whole stack of books for Jennifer and this is the last one left to read. TaDa!!
I was so tired last night (because I only had 3 1/2 hours of sleep)---I was in bed by 8:45pm and slept until 9am! So nice to be a visitor on the day shift again. Hehe!

Bob, the building inspector, was here for my annual apartment check this afternoon. He is such a nice man! Even noticed my two new bookcases in the hallway. I showed off my new outdoor carpet on my "porch" and the little porch cage for Miss Gracie, too. He is such a bright and shining soul! He is the main inspector for Federal Housing for both Moorhead, Mn and Fargo, ND--so I have been seeing him every year for like 6 years now. He was surprised that I got as much as I did into this smaller apartment when I moved from the larger two-bedroom I had in Moorhead. It helps that I have six bookcases in here now! Crowded--but Karma, Gracie, and I don't mind.

The Shaklee order came this afternoon. Leah came and picked up the box after work. I had cut WAY back so that I could make the order to Polymer Clay Express this month (which should be coming soon, I hope!). Leah and I do our orders together so she gets more credits and we only pay one S&H cost. That sneaky, sneaky girl!! She went ahead and ordered me the protein powder and optiflora powder! I was going to just cut way back for a month on the amounts and use like 1/3 of what they suggest and if I ran out then I just ran out--till the February order came. She and Dagan decided to surprise me. They are so good to me! :)

I did my exercise DVD this afternoon. Yes--me--I am exercising!! Sparks is such a good incentive for me. It is just such a positive place and motivates me, I guess. I may only be able to do a few minutes for my 3X a week--but I am already lasting longer than I did to start with! I am using a Leslie Sansone DVD. She's the one who has the "Walk Away The Pounds" series. I am doing the one for seniors--that is how out of shape I am--LOLOL!!! Oh well--one has to start somewhere, right?

Oh--and I did order a pedometer from Shaklee that also arrived today. I am trying that out, too, to see how it works. Leah was going to let me borrow hers, but she couldn't locate it. I am hoping it will be incentive to exercise and walk more.

The last three DVDs of the last season of Six Feet Under came today! I have no idea if they knew they were going to be cancelled--so I don't know if they will kind of wrap it up at the end or not. I hope so. And--I was surprised that I got The Illusionist today, too! I lucked out! The newly released DVDs I usually have to wait quite a while for. TaDa!! So, I'll let you know if I like it or not. I am off right now to watch that first.

I had tried to post a blog for today earlier this afternoon and lost the whole thing! Then the site wasn't working after that for a while--so I sure hope it works this time? I think I should save them as drafts first from now on. :) Off to watch The Illusionist!

Stay positive!!

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