Friday, January 05, 2007


The sleep plan didn't go well last night. I laid down by 2am, but tossed and turned for a couple of hours. Shut off the alarm and slept till a little after noon. Exhaustion got the better of me. Such is my life. Seems like once I go back on my nights--just not a lot I can do about it. When I worked or was going to college, I drug myself thru the week and then collapsed on the weekends and slept and slept. Being a night owl can be a drag sometimes, I guess. I get tired of fighting it. When I did sleep, tho, I slept really well--so that is good. I have been sleeping better when I do sleep since I started on the Shaklee menopause complex. Not waking up quite as many times.

Anyways, been happy to have salads, deli sandwiches, and bananas! ahhhh! Love the beginning of the month!

I watched a charming movie last night--Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont.

Joan Plowright takes the title role in this heartwarming drama, based on the best-selling novel by the same name. After traveling to London to be closer to her 26-year-old grandson (Lorcan O'Toole), the recently widowed Mrs. Palfrey moves into a local hotel while she waits -- and waits -- for him to return her calls. But when fate introduces her to a kindly young writer (Rupert Friend), she finds the family she's always wanted.

And a very strange movie called Edmond. I love William Macy.

With a David Mamet play as its inspiration, Edmond stars William H. Macy as the titular character, a businessman who undergoes a personal revolution after he heeds a psychic's call to change his life. In his quest for fulfillment, he abandons his wife and children, initiating a nightmarish descent into a certain kind of hell, a dark and dangerous world he's never known but that may wind up owning his soul.

He does slide into a hellish situation, that's for sure!! That movie was as dark as the other one was light--hehe! That was my movie break. Now I'll be back to the last season of Six Feet Under. :) :)

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