Saturday, January 27, 2007


This angel is over the outside of my bedroom door. I got her from my friend, Lynnette. The hearts she holds say "seek" "peace". She is a bold colorful angel. Thanks Lynnette--for all the angels you have given me over the years. Just feels so good and positive having angels all around me! :)

Right now I "seek" "health"--hehe! Thought I was feeling better when I first woke up--(slept from 8pm till 4am)--until I drank some black coffee and moved around. Still nauseous and dizzy and blowing my nose and feeling weak. From what I've heard this stuff just hangs in there for about a week or so! Arg! It's not super bad--I've been much more miserable many times in my life--but you are just miserable enough. Barely mobile--basically knocked off your game. Just want to curl up someplace and be left alone, you know? Oh well--this too shall pass.

I am watching The Thorn Birds in sections since it is 243 minutes for the second half. Watching a lot of TV. Yes, I know--mindless TV! hehe!

Dagan surprised me yesterday and stopped by about 12:45pm. I was in a long nightgown, parked in my chair, feeling yucky, and wondering who the heck was unlocking the door!!! Was shocked to see him--hehe! He was off early from work Friday and was meeting some people for lunch at 1:30pm---had some time to spare, so he decided to come over and visit with me for a little while. What a pleasant surprise!! I am so close to where he works now. Was glad he came by--cheered me up! He went down and got my mail for me, too--nice! Since I've been sick, I wait till some time when I am up in the middle of the night and wander down in my robe. Just too miserable to get dressed--but don't feel comfortable wandering the halls during the day in my robe and nightgown. I'm sure the neighbors appreciate me staying home, too--hehe!

Dagan and I were peeking at Bob Ross on PBS doing an oil painting that was rather on the ugly side for him. Must have been an early show of his--he looked younger? We were chuckling away about this one--was the worst painting either of us have ever seen him do. Dagan told me that when we start to do painting sessions again at their place, he wants to work on painting his minatures instead of an actual painting on canvas. His gaming group is using the miniatures again these days, so he wants to finish his. Ugly little things! Anyways, it's a possibility that we might try to get together for painting next Wednesday. We'll see how things go. Dagan and Leah have things pop up all the time--they have such a busy social life! :) Me--I am wondering if I will have to cancel tomorrow for Sacred Circle and the rescheduled reflexologist appointment?? From the looks of it--I will be home in my nightgown. So, I am not sure how I'll be feeling next week?? We'll check with each other later on.

I am feeling pretty yucky right now--so I am off to lay back in my chair with a blanket and watch some more of The Thorn Birds.....

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