Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day-2pm

I had a wonderful New Year's Eve!! I worked on my goals and plans for 2007 all evening. Even set up to track them on my Sparks goals page online--cool! I love the free programs I get on Sparks!

I put on my favorite CD--Music To Disappear In. Decided to gather up all my "stuff" so it could all get a good dose on energy and get kind of revitalized. A lot of it has just been sitting around someplace in the apartment since I moved here and was actually covered with dust (and probably the white powder!). I washed things off, lit the candles, and took some time to just connect/meditate. I sounded the Tibetan bowl, Tibetan bell, ting shaws, and the chime--one by one. (Freaks out Karma and Gracie a little--hehe!)

I picked an angel card. Asked what it was that I really needed to focus on--the core issue--to help me succeed this year with my plans and goals. I got the "Self-Worth" card!! So appropriate!!

The copper bowl is my burning bowl. My God Jar with the green bow was filled with little pieces of paper that I burned one by one and sent off to The Universe. There were a lot of them for other people this year. :) Then I took time to send energy to a few people. Next I took my little notebook where I have written down prayers for peace from all kinds of world religions--and read them out loud. And, lastly, I started to read "The Secret"--the book that came in the mail a couple days ago.

"The Secret" is all about the Universal Law of Attraction, which I have heard of but haven't read that much about yet. Very interesting right off the bat! Makes you very aware of what you are thinking!! The Universe gives us what we focus on and think about--that is the Law of Attraction. But--just like a toddler (my interpretation), it only hears the positives. If you are thinking, for example--I don't want to be overweight or I will not be overweight--it will hear "be overweight". Just like a very young child--if you say don't slam the door, they hear "slam the door"! hehe! Don't eat that cookie--they hear and picture "eat that cookie" and miss the don't. Hummmm???? I have read about this method with toddlers and that is why that comparison came to me. They tell you instead of saying don't slam the door, you are supposed to say close the door gently, please. Puts a different picture in their mind. Apparently The Universe thinks like a toddler??

So, you are supposed to think about and visualize the positive side of things. Like I will lose weight--and it will hear "lose weight"?? We are thinking things in our heads all the time--and we are so used to thinking a certain way. I am really curious to find out if I can change my way of thinking. (Now--The Universe should have heard "change my way of thinking", right? hehe!) I am definitely going to keep reading. I think I want to see the movie!!

Happy New Year and much success and positve thinking for 2007!!

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