Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Caroline came to clean this afternoon. I asked her if she can come back next Tuesday, too, since she missed a week. I have my annual apartment inspection on Wednesday (Federal Government). She said that was just fine with her.

Maria, my former Spanish teacher when I was at Concordia, is coming by tonight during her son's game practice time. Be nice to see her again--been a while.

I cleaned the entire curio cabinet yesterday where I keep a lot of the crystals and bells and such. Got everything put away again. Changed things around a bit. I'll have to try not to let things get so dusty--hehe!

Washed clothes. Did a meditation/connecting session and exercised, believe it or not. Not for long but, if I do this three times a week, I will improve. Worked on the birthday cards. Decided to do different versions for male and female. Was working on the darker male cards last night. I did well on my list of goals for the new year--but it is always easier to begin with--hehe! Ask me a month from now!

The frosted elliptical shade on my floor lamp was cracked. When Caroline went to move it today it finally broke. I had been online a while ago looking for a place to contact to buy a replacement and bulbs. Guess I need to go ahead and contact somebody now. It's a fancy brass lamp from Germany and I bet that little part is going to cost me--hehe! Oh well. Since the bulb went out I have had to wrap my funny Tweety Bird lamp around and over it so I have light by my chair. That will have to do for a while, I think. But now I don't have a lamp for crafts at the table. I wonder if Leah has anything I could borrow? Hummmm???

Anyways, I hope the new year is going well for everybody? Going really well up here in Fargo!! :)

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