Saturday, January 20, 2007


I even have my magnetic angels and angelic messages collection--most of these were gifts--on the side of my frig!

Yesterday I slept ten hours--a lot of the day--so I wasn't tired all night again. I fell asleep in the lounger with Karma on my chest from around noon till 4pm and am sore as heck right now. So this will be very brief today.

Tomorrow Leah and I have another appointment with the reflexologist--we'll be there between 3 and 5pm. Then we are going over to their place for Sacred Circle! Had to postpone this month. We usually schedule it for the first Sunday, but Dagan or both Dagan and Leah have been out of town on the weekends this month until now. We are going to go thru some more of the Healing Touch techniques. A refresher course for me, too! :)

Still no additional snow to speak of. I saw a few floaty flakes a couple times the past few days. Can still see brown on the dirt piles and in the field across the way. What crazy weather all around the world! ??? We seem to be in a very quiet spot, I guess. Can't complain. :)

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