Friday, July 11, 2008


I worked diligently yesterday on the secret project. Finished another section--tada! Will be days of work yet, I'm sure, but making progress. It always takes me longer than I think it will. I always--still--think I can do more than I can--hehe! Is that optimism or foolishness?
Very humid and sticky out. AC back on yesterday and all night. They said it could get up to 90 degrees today and the air feels thick enough to cut with a knife. Karma is out on the porch soaking up the heat, of course.
Still waiting for Haiying's order to arrive. Maybe today?
Funny! As I was writing, Karma came to the porch door wanting to come in--complained all the way in the door--telling me all about how uncomfortable it was out there. Her fur was hot to the touch! Well, she can watch me crafting away again today (Rita TV)--hehe! And there's always the inside CatTV, too--hehe! What a life she has!

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