Monday, July 14, 2008


After being out and about for two days in a row--*big grin*--I had to take it easy yesterday. All I really accomplished was washing clothes.
I did watch Water--last in the trilogy--and really enjoyed this movie, too. At the end of the movie it said there are still places in India where they still isolate widows.
After losing her husband to illness, 8-year-old Chuyia (Sarala) is forced to live out the rest of her days in a temple for Hindu widows, communing with 14 other women and a cruel headmistress who agrees to take her in. But it's through the trials of another widow, a beautiful prostitute named Kalyani (Lisa Ray) who's being courted by a man from a higher caste (John Abraham), that Chuyia learns the true restrictions of widowhood in this Oscar nominee.
I am fascinated by other cultures. This practice is so unfair to women--some of them were forced into prostitution, too. Can't even imagine being married at 7 or 8 years old in the first place. Makes me glad to have been born where and when I was, I guess. Even if I wasn't one of the bra-burners who wore men's suits and got really aggressive with men back in the 60s--we do owe those women a lot, don't we? There have been a lot of changes since then. We could still use some more. :)
This afternoon I have an appointment with Dr. Sleckman, my rheumatologist, for the fibromyalgia. And--I can drive myself over!! Such a blessing! I am so grateful to Dagan and Leah for letting me use their car. :)
Supposed to be hotter today--mid 80s. 64 degrees right now, tho. Sun is shining. Birds are rejoicing. The breeze is caressing the porch screen and Karma is sprawled out there in a patch of sun. It's a beautiful morning!

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