Wednesday, July 09, 2008


You have to double click on these to see them well. This is what I saw when I was working away by the window yesterday. They finally came with shingles for that center garage. It has been sitting like this for over a week--maybe two. That was all they did yesterday afternon--lay the packages of shingles along the top of the roof.

This is Miss Karma's favorite CatTV channel! 8:30pm--a dozen kids! Makes it scary to drive in the parking lot--something I will be doing occasionally now. :)

Many of them own bicycles or tricycles. They love to play in that puddle that forms after the rain. There's an older, near teenage boy who has a key to that blue car--and he sits in it with the door open. Doesn't look old enough to drive, but then people are mysteriously getting younger looking the older I get--hehe! Something upset that mom in the green who came out--at the end of the sidewalk there. She was looking crabby and saying something to the boy in the car--and shortly thereafter the parking lot was bare again? I don't know what happened or where they all went. Karma does, but she's not talking.

Another gorgeous day. They're mowing and weed-whipping the lawn this morning. The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air! I don't see and haven't heard that anything has been done so far with the shingles. Rain is supposed to be back later tonight. I am sure glad my garage isn't in that section.
I know a lot of people use their garages for storage. Some of the garages are full--right to the front--like a storage locker. I think a few of these people have lost their homes/houses. They keep their car outside all year round because they have no room in the garage. People come and go here. Seems like there are people moving in and out all the time--especially now in the nicer weather. Me--I'll be here forever--hehe!

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