Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dakota Clinic on University--from the parking lot. Off to see Dr. Sleckman.

Seems like all waiting rooms look the same.

The rooms basically look the same, too--except for the fake body parts sitting around. You can tell which specialist you are seeing by the body parts and body charts on the walls.

All looks so familiar. eh? At least up here in the Midwest, anyways--hehe!
Dr. Sleckman is a really nice doctor--one of the few who listens (even talks and chats a little) and never makes you feel rushed. He did look tired yesterday, tho, and a little distracted. There are very few rheumatologists in this area and he is always booked to the max--takes months to get in to see him.
Anyways, all went well. Driving home I saw 92 degrees on a bank sign! It was really uncomfortable and I was glad to be home. And being out of the house for three out of four days and washing clothes the day I was home all day--well, let's just say this will be a very, very quiet day for me, to say the least. Caroline is coming to clean--earlier this time--around 11am instead of 1-1:30pm. So--I have to hobble around here and gather the trash and pick up cats toys...:)


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

I hate the doctor's office! Bleh! Funny how they all look so uninviting, isn't it? So cool that you got to go in your little red car! :) Glad everything went well!

Rita said...

Yup! Don't go back for six months. Was so nice to be able to drive myself and not take two buses one way! It is a whole day affair on the buses, it seems. Much more exhausting for me. This was wonderful! :)