Thursday, July 17, 2008


Dagan and Leah stopped by briefly last night. Leah said she had a little surprise for me--for the car?? Well, she had found a collapsible cart with the wheels that was small enough to fit in the Paseo trunk! Since I will be alone shopping now with the car, I can roll a couple of small packages up the my apartment and not have to make extra trips! Leah is so thoughtful!!

And--Dagan and Leah had plans for this weekend, too! So it won't be until NEXT weekend that they can rent a U-Haul and move their stuff out of storage. They have most of their kitchen stuff and clothes--bed and couch--so they've been okay--hehe! Have the essentials, I guess. They don't seem too concerned.

Oh, and--while we were sitting at the table talking--Leah came up with a different way to fold the 140 lb paper so that my next watercolor journal will lie flat and not want to pop open! Have I mentioned that she is also very clever!! :):) I'll try to take pictures (my camera is not so good with white) when I get around to making that last journal I have cut out. That one will be done in a regular book form, with a spine.

I couldn't get my garage door open a few days ago. The handle was turned--and so were several of the handles on the garage doors--like somebody had tried to open them. I told them on Monday. The office called Tuesday and said they didn't have a key to my garage, so I brought mine down. Haven't heard anything yet. The garage door has always been a problem, but I rarely used it--hehe! I will need a workable garage door--especially this winter.

When I first moved in, the garage door didn't work and I had them look at it. They just jiggled and jimmied it about--maybe sprayed some WD-40 in the lock. But the entire lock has always been loose and moves up and down, so you have to wiggle and wiggle until you can get the key to catch. I am hoping they will replace the lock this time. If they don't--I will be over at the office a lot more often if that garage door is giving me trouble, right?

Was a dark morning, so I slept late. Still is a grey, quiet day. Peaceful. :)

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