Thursday, July 24, 2008


Shortly after I posted the blog yesterday the laptop disconnected itself from the Internet. All I did was press send on an email and I lost the Internet altogether and couldn't get it back. Yes, these things happen to me every so often. Computers--can be so frustrating, but can't seem to live without them anymore. So I had even lost my backup laptop--cut off from the world. Feels strange to have no Internet. I don't like it.

Dagan came over during his lunch break today and had them both working within about one minute! No lie! We tease him, but he really, truly has the magic touch.

I knew he could get the laptop back online--the wireless thingie and the laptop had just quit talking to each other. But the desk computer--I am baffled?!?! He just went over and did the same things I had done--since Friday--turned it off and on from the back (I had done that three times) and then pushed the on button--(I had pressed that button several times and double-checked every day)--and poof! ON!!????

Dagan suggested I don't turn it off--just leave it on all the time like they do and let it go into sleep mode. Could be the starter button is losing connection? I think I will just leave it alone and keep it on--unless I automatically go to turn it off out of habit. I should put something over the button for a while. Old dogs, you know.

I just taped an index card over the button--hehe!

This is the first time I have added pictures after I started the blog. Jennifer told me about being able to move pictures around! TaDa! It worked! (Doesn't take much to thrill me, eh?)

Karma is snuggled under the covers taking her afternoon nap. I am so tired today I could almost kick her out--hehe!

Anyways, I have just been puttering with the "drawer content switching" project in the bedroom for the last several days. Have more for Goodwill and have freed up a bookcase shelf and some room in the third dresser. The cleaning avalanche has begun--hehe!

I am sure some of you have experienced the cleaning domino effect--ROFL!! It is a good thing and overdue, I guess. I have a time frame now--have to be able to put the car in the garage before the snow flies, so I will have to schedule a Goodwill pickup before then. Which means I want to go through everything before then--all the nooks and crannies of the apartment, the storage area, and the garage.

But that means that my second secret project is now merely being inserted here and there--occasionally slotted in between the cleaning and organizing sessions. And I have made myself a solemn promise that I would not start any other kind of art or craft project until the second secret project is done. (It's for Dagan and Leah--at this rate they might not get it until Christmas, as Ruby teased me--hehe!) Well, it will get done when it gets done. I can't cram lots more into a day whenever I want to like I used to do--in the good old days--hehe! Small steps.

Maybe I should go work on it a little bit right now this minute--before I decide what goes in the last empty drawer...:)

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