Sunday, July 13, 2008


I made it over to K&Krafts for the sale. Beautiful day! Much cooler than Friday. This is a tease photo for those of you who get my bookcards--hehe!

What a deal! I got almost $50 worth of fancy paper for less than $30! Wow! 59 sheets!! (Would have cost less but four of them were fancy 1.99 sheets--hehe!) Each 12 X 12" sheet makes two bookcard covers with leftovers for parts of regular cards. I am stock-piled for a long time! Hurray!
Next month I will buy a couple boxes of paper from Office Max for the insides--and purchase the better cutter. I am going thru the little Fiskars blades so quickly. The Dahle trimmers are supposed to be self-sharpening. We'll see! I will put it to the test, won't I?
I know--this is a sin against trees. All my life I have written, written, written--made cards--done crafting projects with paper, etc. Been the death of my own little forest, I suppose--especially when you think of all the paper we use for packaging, printer paper, kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels....etc, etc. The paper I use for letters and cards is small by comparison. I should find that place where you can pay to have them plant trees for you. Replace my big old tree footprint.
I am glad I recycle almost all my paper scraps from all the crafting and printing I do and from varius other waste sources (packing paper--junk mail--watercolor goofs, etc). These days I make my own paper from them. That is something, I guess. But I could never keep up with my own output (even if I could make paper smooth enough to write on). I have made 66 bookcards since the end of April and I have two left. Granted, I was as excited over the new bookcards as if I had discovered papyrus, and I will slow down--but, I will never stop writing and using up paper for cards and letters until I am physically incapable of doing it anymore. I probably carved on stone, scraped on bark, and painted on cave walls in past lives. Ha! Painting--another paper waster. If tree killers go to hell, I can at least guarantee you I will be totally miserable. I suffer here when it is 80 degrees out! :)
Do you think maybe I am feeling guilty for using fancy papers instead of my old standby--small legal pads? hehe! But I still made cards to stuff the legal pad letter into.....
The guilt never ends--ROFL!!


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Pretty, pretty papers! What a treat! Don't feel guilty. You deserve it and plus you are making the cards for others as well and that brings them joy! :)

Rita said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I hope they do enjoy receiving them as much as I do making them and writing in them--hehe! :):)