Thursday, July 10, 2008


Two men finally got going on the shingles toward noon yesterday.

The one guy seemed to supervise. He'd bring the packages of shingles over to the younger man with the nail gun--and stretch a lot. We listened to the running of the nail gun compressor and loud music all day long.
They finished on the side I could see--and started on the other side. Looked like the supervisor man had an argument with somebody over the phone in the late afternoon. They stayed very late. I don't know if they finished the other side or not...

...but it rained and rained last night. Still very damp and cloudy this morning. Was raining when I first got up, but now has stopped again.
In the bottom two pictures you can see the little red Paseo--way on the right side of the photo in the parking lot! Still haven't driven her anywhere. Soon. :)
I watched a couple of movies in the last two days that were made in India--Fire and Earth--fascinating to me. These were not Bollywood type movies. More realistic and about real people and real life. Beautifully, gently portrayed.
Fire caused violent protests from India's religious right--looked like riots! (I watched the specials on the DVD.) They attacked the movie theater!
Deepa Mehta's Fire, the first Indian film about lesbians, follows two Hindu women struggling with loveless, arranged marriages. When Sita (Nandita Das) discovers that her husband, Jatin (Javed Jaffrey), has a mistress, she shares her unhappiness with her sister-in-law, Radha (Shabana Azmi), who cannot give birth. As the lukewarm coals of their long-term relationships fade, they ignite passion in their lives by finding comfort in each other.
I don't know much about India's history--bits and pieces. The second movie was about when India was given its independence in 1947. The movies are very personal--private--even with the scope of Earth.
Deepa Mehta directed this stirring tale about the religious and civil wars that broke out in India and Pakistan in the 1947 battle to gain independence from the British. The second movie in a trilogy from Mehta (it was preceded by Fire and followed by Water), Earth is based on the autobiographical novel Cracking India by Bapsi Sidhwa and is told through the eyes of a little girl, Lenny (Maia Sethna), who has one leg in a brace.
I had no idea of all the religious conflict that went along with India's "independence"--neighbor against neighbor. Earth made it very personal and memorable.
Now I will have to watch Water! :)

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