Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Things have not been going well with me and electronics lately. The camera has been acting up lately. The flash isn't working right. Pictures are all pale and I am getting the ones that have pink stripes or a pink hue to them more often. These are just pale ones this time--washed out--with a bluish or brownish hue to them.
Dagan and Leah got their table over, but can't find the bolts. The top is just sitting on the base. You can't lean on the edge of it, but you can set a few lighter things on it.

They got their couch over, the bed and nightstands, and some folding chairs (they are using to put their feet up and as endtables). Those are speakers on poles that are on either end of the couch.

Here's the giant TV!

Had such a nice time! We ate delicious chicken on the barbeque with rice and broccoli. Well, the broccoli wasn't done because Leah turned on the wrong burner--still not used to her new flat-top stove--hehe! But I have leftovers today--with broccoli. :)

We watched the movie Jumper (which wasn't all that good and may have a sequel). We put away several boxes of kitchen dry goods they had brought over from the storage area. And I watched Dagan play "Grand Theft Auto" for the second time while Leah worked on her laptop. What a crazy game! I finally got home about 11pm. Nice evening. :)

Got to try out the little cart that Leah got me that fits in the trunk of the Paseo easily and is lightweight. Perfect size for me--would be on the short side for other people, but just right for me. :) Leah sent some odds and ends home with me--like vinegar and corn starch--and Dagan found some more movies on tape for me to keep for them. They don't have a VCR anymore--so all those tapes have come over to my place now.

And here's Miss Karma having her morning treat--her tablespoon of canned catfood.

Well, her "after noon" treat really today--12:15pm--hehe! For the past week or so I have been up late again and sleeping later--but sleeping well, so I can't complain.
I figured out how to get pictures into the laptop, obviously. TaDa!!! Seems to me I had to do this one other time--and then send the pictures to myself later on so I could get them on to the desk computer?? I'm not the most computer savy person. What would I do without Dagan and Leah to help me with computer stuff?? :)
Whew! This takes me forever on the laptop with all the hitting of the wrong keys, etc. Glad Dagan will be over on Thursday to look at the desktop. Cross your fingers--hehe!

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