Saturday, July 05, 2008


You'll laugh! I tried and tried to get some pictures of the fireworks last night. If you double click on these you can actually see them--hehe! The first one is from the north end of my view.

This one was a double display--from the event about mid-way in my horizon.
I had no idea how hard it was to snap a picture of fireworks! My camera has a delay from when you hit the button and when it actually takes the picture--and fireworks are very fleeting! Literally--poof and they are gone! Plus--I can see and hear fireworks across the entire horizon from as far north and south as I can see. Three or four main events and the rest are illegal, I assume--hehe! These two shots are from two of the main displays. There are another one or two farther south, but these were hard enough to get.

The wind was blowing in my direction, so they look far away (look farther away in the pictures than they seem in person), but the smell of pyrotechnics was wafting in the air long before they started setting off firecrackers in our parking lot--hehe! After all the legal, scheduled events are finished--all the illegal fireworks keep going off here and there for another 30-45 minutes. All the crazy people hoping not to get caught by the police (fireworks are illegal inside the city limits) or get their fingers blown off--chuckle!

This year the weather was perfect! I thought I'd be sitting out on the porch, but the enclosed porch made it much harder to see them at all--since they are low to the horizon. So, I sat in a chair by the open windows--Miss Karma sat sideways in the other one like she does--and we actually watched (and smelled) them together for the first time. Karma was fascinated--but jumpy. Was really a wild Cat TV night, that's for sure! ROFL!!

Happy 4th!!

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