Saturday, July 12, 2008


Haiying's order finally came yesterday. Maybe it took longer because it was a larger package? Was sure glad to see it! Thank you, Haiying!! :)
Three seals: eternal gratitude, singing bird-fragrant flower, and peaceful and profound. An instrctional book using the gongbi method (more detailed/botanical). And two different sheets of sized paper.

So, I made a trip to the post office (to mail Haiying's check) and to CashWise because it was nearby. CashWise didn't have my toilet paper with my monthly order (I always check "no substitutions" on my list because I've tried not doing that and you are never sure what you might end up with--hehe!), so I picked some up. First time I tried the self-serve aisle. I needed some help, but I managed--tada! Seemed dumb not to try it when I only had one item. Old dogs and new tricks, eh?
It was horribly hot and humid--in the low 90s--so I didn't make it any further than that yesterday. I was melting! The Paseo has no AC. Hasn't had, since the day Dagan bought it back in 2000. I got a spot closer to the door when I came back.
I can't get over that little red car being available--for me! :) Not that I can afford to waste gas, of course. I am obviously being very frugel. Only 12 miles on it since Leah filled it up--hehe! But--I might take her out for a spin today--over to K&Krafts in Moorhead--last day for the sale on the 12 X 12 inch paper! Was too hot yesterday. But it is really nice out this morning--65 degrees and sunny! This is supposed to be the coolest day of the next three days (predicted to be without rain).
I remember how awful it was as a kid--without air conditioning. Hot sticky sheets--damp pillows. Going down in the basement to lay directly on the cement (later tile) floor to try to sleep. We only had this one heavy, green, metal table fan. [Which my folks still use at their trailer!! Still works last I saw? Must be 50 years old! They sure don't make things like the used to, do they?]
Used to get a washcloth, crack the lever on the metal ice cube tray, and put a couple of ice cubes inside the washcloth. You could rub the coldness up and down your arms and legs and all over your face and neck to cool down--until the ice cubes were melted away. Then you could lay the cool wet cloth over your face until it became warm.
On really hot nights the big treat was when Dad decided to pile everybody in the car and go to A&W for root beer floats in the iced mugs! I would roll that frosty mug on my face, forehead, and neck as soon as I slurped down about an inch of liquid so that I wouldn't rub that sticky foam on my chin.
I never did like the heat. But I was actually used to a lot more of it back then--before ACs. I am very spoiled now--used to it. And I deeply appreciate air conditioning--maybe in a way that only those of us who grew up without it can. :)
Stay cool this summer! hehe!


Kathie said...

I remember summers without AC.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Rita said...

HaHa! A different world, eh? Must get hot in Costa Rica? Do you have AC down there? :)