Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I saw 92 degrees at one point yesterday--online weather. Karma spent the day soaking up the heat and humidity.

Hard to get pictures through the glass of the porch door. :)

Myself--I stayed inside where it was cool and kept busy!
Dagan and Leah got their keys Monday night (30th) and moved to the new townhouse--with just their air mattress, sleeping bags, and some clothes, etc. They have moved a few boxes from the storage area. Found some boxes of dishes, their silverware, and some pots and pans last night. At least they can eat! :)
Leah is going to be gone to Minneapolis over the long weekend for a bridal shower. (Her friend, Amber--the one she helped make her wedding invitations). The following weekend they have a gaming group coming--was planned long ago--even have people coming from Canada. They can't do the moving all at once over a weekend--for three weekends. So, they are thinking of maybe moving things in the evenings with a truck--little by little--starting next week after Leah is back home?
Doesn't matter how they get moved in--they are thrilled to be there!! And they have their new little Versa hatchback to help with the smaller stuff, too. They'll be happy to have their own things around them again--when they get them all over there--hehe! They've been basically living out of suitcases since the end of April. Nice to have your own roof over your head--rented or not. This will be a wonderful home for them. :)
Right now--it is 59 degrees and humid, but I opened up all the windows. Not supposed to get that hot out today (72)--so we'll see how it goes with the high humidity? I much prefer to have the windows all open and the breeze, if I am able to, than all closed up with the AC. Watched a beautiful lightning storm off to the east last night --lighting up the dark sky. I wish I could paint something like that.
Anyways, hope you are having a good day, too! :)

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