Friday, January 09, 2009


My order from came yesterday! A box of the larger envelopes for my bookcards and for handmade paper cards...

...and these packages of beautiful handmade paper! Leah stopped by briefly last night, but she took the time to examine the papers, too. We can't quite figure out how they get the plants into the paper. We are going to try a couple of ideas next time we are making paper. Meanwhile--these were a real deal and I can use them for bookcards or regular cards and maybe even for the covers for a coptic journal? So pretty.

Leah also dropped off some more cookies--my goodness! I still have Christmas cookies here. :)

I'm not going to run out of cookies any time soon, eh?
Snowing and 12 degrees in Fargo today.
Have a great day!


Serena Lewis said...

Those handmade papers look beautiful and I can imagine they would make a great journal cover. One can never have too many cookies. ;)

Rita said...

I couldn't resist! They had packages of 25 handmade 12 X 12 sheets for only $10.00!! If you bought them at a craft store in town they'd probably be closer to a dollar each! Leah was thrilled, too. And I can picture what pretty journal covers they would make--yes! I wonder how easy they would be to form over the cardboard...hummm? I will probably have to find out--hehe!