Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day-6:45am

Hope everybody had a nice New Year's Eve! Dagan came over after his first day at the new job. (Went very well!) We made spaghetti and broccoli for dinner. Then we gathered up all my "stuff" from around the house for the annual recharging and (literally) dusting--hehe!
We took our time writing down all the things we were grateful for in 2008--mostly focused on gratitude and positive thinking for 2009 (thanking ahead of time). Then we did the burning bowl ceremony.
After that we picked out a card for 2009--asked what we were supposed to focus on in this coming year. The cards focus on the spiritual level of your life. Dagan got "Change" (we laughed!) and I got "Abundance"! Could just feel the good energy last night! :):)
I got a visit by the FedEx man, too. Martha Stewart came through with the samples of some of her other glues--finally!
And I have been working on my motivational list for 2009--now it is time to post it! All the things I want to do this year--and a more organized list, of course--hehe!! :) If I complete half of it (like I did with last year's list) I will be very, very happy. Some are left over from last year, of course--but I tried to include more levels this year. I always enjoy trying something new and learning new things--and practicing old loves. Hope you have some plans for joy, too! :)

Artistic, Creative, and Spiritual Goals for 2009
YouTube—keep making videos of all the art and craft projects.
2. Clean and reorganize all of the arts & crafts areas!
Spirit—Soul Coaching book and cards—journal.
4. Spirit—Insight Meditation course.
5. Spirit—Chakra Balancing course.
Writing—The Sound of Paper
7. Writing—Discovering the Writer Within
8. Writing—A Writer’s Workbook

Bookbinding—try some new styles/stitching.
10. Bookbinding—try some lighter weight papers (75-90 lb).
11. Bookbinding—make something using the Davy board.

Sewing—try to make a pattern and sew a shoulder bag like our red bags.
EDM—continue working on the list and try to catch up.
14. EDM—keep sketching in the WC Moleskine—ink and watercolors.
CBP—keep working on orchids and bamboo.
16. CBP—try some birds and flowers.
17. CBP—finish the inked/traced Flower & Bird Paintings.
Watercolors—continue with wildflowers and botanicals.
19. Watercolors—buy Winsor Newton’s for tiny palette.
20. Watercolors—buy Cheap Joe’s for tiny palette.
21. Watercolors—buy any other brands I want to try for tiny palettes
Polymer Clay—figure out how to finish the rose bouquet (ask Leah for help!).
23. Polymer Clay—try making book covers.
24. Polymer Clay—try making paper weights.
25. Handmade Paper—set of red and white Christmas cards.
26. Handmade Paper—get a larger paper mold (or Leah make one)—8.5” X 11”
27. Handmade Paper—try to make envelopes!
28. Handmade paper—experiment and use some of the dead plants.
29. Handmade paper—order some more envelopes.
30. Cards—make a second set of Christmas cards.
31. Cards—make a set of birthday cards
32. Cards—make a second set of birthday cards.
33. Cards—make up some regular cards—try some new techniques.
34. Cards—use from the bins for recycling and unfinished card projects.

35. Bookcards—make some from the pretty paper.
36. Bookcards—make some from handmade paper.


Serena Lewis said...

What a great list! Enjoy!

Rita said...

I don't think of them as resolutions-just a list of fun things I want to do this year. Like I said--if I get to half of them I'll be thrilled. :)