Saturday, January 03, 2009


Well, I am back to my more normal hours for the new year. Bed at midnight and up at 9am--tada! Nice! I walked down to the mail this morning and thought I'd get a couple different shots of the snow this morning...

...instead of you always seeing my bird's eye view--hehe!
Yup! It is snowing again. Supposed to get another couple inches--nothing big. It's a balmy 18 degrees today. :)
My Cavalier fountain pen came yesterday from! I guess I have looked my whole life for a fountain pen that could write a nice thin line. Even buying the extra fine fountain pens--they were still pretty thick to me. I've looked at this pen for a long time--decided to take a chance...
...and I love it!! And it does write a thin line!! About the 0.5 like they advertise! And it is a very slim pen, too--my favorite! The Japanese really know how to make pens!!
Having the new pen motivated me to at least write letters on a noodle day. I owed a small stack of them from Christmas. I wrote off and on all day and only have a couple left now--so I did get something done. :)
Leah, Chuck, and Michal made it back from Canada yesterday--home safe. Dagan had his first full day at the new job and he thinks he might like it there. All is well. Have a great weekend!! :)


Serena Lewis said...

I used to love writing with fountain pens back in my teen days. I was actually quite taken with pens in general. I'm very envious, Rita! ;)

Rita said...

I've always been a pen lover! Have dip pens, too--which I plan to use in my Soul Coaching journal once in a while. They slow you down and are so great for contemplation. :)