Thursday, January 22, 2009


I found this website that had the pretty 12 X 12 inch paper--most were .39 and .59--a few were .65 cents. Wow! Just arrived yesterday! A lot of them have different prints on the backside, too. :) Awesome!
I decided that I can't do any kind of projects or painting or work on the SCing book decently if I didn't clear off the table. Just me--can't work and concentrate well in the middle of chaos.
I figured if I piled things neatly...
...and randomly stuck things on the bookcase shelves...
...and behind my usual chair--(so I can't easily see the mess--hehe!)...
...that then I could at least work on finishing up all those cards from Ann's paper. And I did get quite a bit done yesterday--tada! These are the ones I wanted to "frame" before I put them on the fronts of the cards. I got the frames all picked out and attached--now am taping the backs and then will stick them all on the fronts of the white cardstock. Making progress. :)
Miss Karma is in a grand and frisky mood. It has been above zero for several days--in the teens mostly, but enough to melt some of the snow on the porch so that she can walk straight out and not have to step in the snow--chuckle!
Happy, happy girl! She's been asking to go out several times a day. It's the little things that make us happy, eh? All Karma wanted was her carpeting back--ROFL!
Me--needed to at least semi-organize the unorganized and unsorted. Pre-organize? ROFL!!
So--we are happy campers over here today. I will work on the cards and Karma will take in the warm weather while she can. It's 13 degrees right now, but by tomorrow we are supposed to dip below zero for a few days again. It has been nice to crack open windows for some fresh air. :) The rabbits have even been out in the field beyond the garages in the afternoons. Great CatTV!!


Serena Lewis said...

LOL.....I liked your strategy of disguising the 'mess'. Your mess looks pretty neat to me though. I hope you will show us the cards framed when you have finished them, Rita. What a lovely selection of papers and you got them at a good price too. I like the ones that have a different design on the back too.

I'm glad Karma is having her fun moments despite the fact you are in for more snow conditions.

Rita said...

I finally finished all the framed cards and even did a video. :)