Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I figured out a way to label the satchels without ruining them. Cut up little pieces of paper and tucked them inside the cover so they hang down with the label on them. Leah brought over a label-maker that Michal gave her--and we had a ball! (Yes--Leah loves organizing as much as I do--hehe!) There are still smaller containers and boxes in the bookcases that were labeled and will be relabeled. Except for the top shelves--nothing is in a permanent position yet.
We got this far on the satchels--tada!! Was a lot of work--sorting and labeling all afternoon. (Leah did most of the actual work.)
I have these yet to go thru and reorganize so we can finish labeling them.
And we still have these empty ones! So after we are done with the ones that are full, we can decide what else we want to shift into satchels--tada!!
The chaos is dwindling a bit.
The first thing Leah did when she got here yesterday afternoon was to shovel the snow away from the garage for me!! We had a little more since then, but it doesn't look like too much. I have to go out and start the car and let it warm up for a good 15-20 minutes later--before I can leave for my annual Federal Housing appointment at 11am.
I was so glad the car turned over right off the bat yesterday when I tried her. She has just been sitting in the garage for a couple of months and it has been so unusually cold. And today--it is horribly cold. It's 20 below right now. They were talking wind chills of 40 below. Hence the warming the car up really, really well--poor little thing!
And Leah also cut my hair yesterday. Shoulder length instead of halfway down my back. I may have her go even shorter next week if she comes over for crafts again. We figured go longer--can always shorten it. :) I wanted to wear it for a week first and see how I liked it. (We usually cut it chin length.) Just is a blunt cut on my straight hair. Leah has been cutting my hair for a few years now--whenever I get tired of dealing with it. She told me she can cut it more often, but I usually just let it go until it bugs me--(my hair is so thin and wispy!)
Well, have to go finish getting ready to leave. Later! :)


Serena Lewis said...

clever idea for labels!

i cut and dye my own hair. i haven't been to a hairdresser in 10 too many upsets.

Rita said...

I just cut up pieces of cardstock so we had a little heavier paper and then we stick the label on the bottom and tuck it in and close it! So simple. But we can switch things around then, too--no problem. We've uses the sticky labels in the past and they are dreadful to remove--if you can! :)

Leah has been cutting my hair now for maybe 4-5 years? I can't remember when we started. Whenever I decided not to get perms anymore and let it go straight. :) I have had bad experiences, too. Baby fine thin hair can be really butchered on occasion--hehe! I am glad to have Leah do it!! She volunteered. :)