Monday, January 12, 2009


The reorganizing avalanche has begun!!
What started it? Wanting to do some brush painting--hehe! Did I ever get to the brush painting? Nope.
I'm getting set up to paint, right? Wanted to fill the wooden taboret I bought a little while ago--planned on having a lot of my Chinese brush painting supplies in there. So handy--can roll them out from under the table, right?

Got that done. Love it!

My tiny palette collection, etc.

I may shift things around in there later--but was so happy with the fresh change. PROBLEM--that shift left a gaping, empty hole in the hallway bookcase. Which led to packing up the oil and acrylic supplies....
....which left more empty space...
....and more chaos. :)
I'd try to ignore it. I can only do a little at a time, anyways, right? I'd take breaks for an hour or so....
....and then I'd think--I'll do just a little bit more. That is how I moved half of a living room bookcase directly over to the hallway bookcase by evening.
An avalanche--hehe!
Little by little all day and all evening long--I finally filled the bookcase in the hallway. TADA!!!!
And emptied a bookcase in the living room!! (So much dust behind those books--hehe!)
Removed all the filled satchels from the other bookcase....
....and brought the new satchels (on the right) into the living room.
Total chaos over here--but I love it! It will eventually all get reorganized. The oil and acrylic boxes will be shuffled into the storage area down the hall. I have closets to go through, too--and other things I want to move down to the storage area. But first I have to clean and organize the storage area and take some things down to the garage....
And so the cleaning avalanche goes--hehehe! I can hardly move today, but I am very pleased with the progress.
Woke up to a real snowstorm out there! White! White! White! Travel advisories and the rest. I'm on R&R--and glad my huge cleaning and reorganizing project is finally under way. Guess I'll have to catch up with the brush painting group when I can, eh? Hehe! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Well, Soul Coaching did encourage clutter clearing and organising. lol Goodness, it sounds like a lot of organising for you but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. :)

Kaine said...

Rita! What a wonderful job you have done organizing! I have not gotten so much done :(. I ordered a few shelves and stuff for my office that will help me get that room organized which will in turn give me some room to run my ebay and get rid of some things but it is taking forever to get them and they aren't even shipping to my house! They are shipping to the local store !!!!! Ahhh!!! I am getting excited and impatient to set my whole organizing project in to motion. I was wondering were you got your artbin organizers again...I know you said something when you got them but I couldn't find it. How much were they again? Haven't posted on my blog in awhile either :( I think I will take some pictures of my office makeover too. Right now I have no room and going crazy! Keep up the good work! And I was wondering if you sell your handmade books? I would love to buy one that is made from the colorful handmade paper and watercolor paper on the inside. Let me know if I can buy one :)

Rita said...

Serena--That's right! The first section has something to do with decluttering your environment, doesn't it? I am actually just reorganizing my clutter--hehe! The clutter will still be there--ROFL!! But I am certainly going thru things and cleaning away a lot of dust! :):)

Kaine--I did way too much right off the bat and am still recovering--hehe! But it is so exciting and feels so good to know I have made so much progress! Leah is just about as excited as I am! (She is truly the daughter of my heart!)

I have never sold any handmade books. Just been making them for myself and just learning how. Never thought about it, actually--but I'll think on it. Email me, okay? We can talk about it. :)